Oh, no! Your VP and RC are at 100%? Why are you doing that?

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You have probably heard a lot of times that it is important to keep your VP (voting power) as much higher percentage possible, because then, your vote is the most valued. Okay, that have sense, but… DO NOT keep it on 100% NEVER! Why?

Voting Power is one of the most important numbers in your STEEM account and if you are holding it on 100% that means that you are not using your STEEM POWER. And that means that you make unicorns cry and that is not a nice image to see… Nobody wants to see a crying unicorn…

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Anyway, STEEM is all about communities, friends and family… So, imagine your SP (and VP) as kisses, or handshakes, or simply like word “thanks”. You have certain amount of those that you can spend it DAILY, and tomorrow you will receive the same amount (or more) to spend it again. Why don’t you say thanks more often? Why do you keep those for yourself? Now it's the moment to spend it. Now you have that possibility. Don't waste the opportunity!

Show them that you care. Show them that you appreciate their work.

Don't leave your voting power alone too much time. If you don't use it, you're wasting it. Isn't it better to upvote something that you like; support somebody that would make that person happy and satisfied? You don’t have to exaggerate and try to reach 100% VP... It is enough that you keep it around 90-98% . You can upvote at least 12 post in one day with 100% upvote… and your VP will tomorrow be again full... Split your love. Upvote 24 posts with 50%... Just use that VP regularly... And on top of it, you will be PAID for doing that through curation payment!!!

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The same thing is with RC (resource credits)... They are mostly used for commenting and if you have more than 50-60 SP, you have plenty of RC... Go out and make some comments on your fellows posts... That is the best way to engage, to make new friendship, and to make unicorns HAPPY. Isn't that the purpose of all of this? :)

A man who gives is always more richer than the man who just take.

Please make a comment and don't be shy... :)

Have a wonderful day!

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I am around 90% most of the time.
You are right we must bring awareness about the possibility to upvote and exchange.

We have to upvote and comment to be better Steemians... and better people in general... It's like wasting the good vibes... :)
Thanks for commenting... I appreciate it!

Thank you for joining in the fun today with my Fireflies quiz! :) I think I might do it again next week! hehehe so if you're interested - come along to play! :)

!tip 0.5

I have to take a look better on your posts and rulez for the quiz... Can't go ALL in without preparation... :)
Have a nice day!

I haven't seen 100% in ages lol

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That's the spirit! Real Steemian!
Thanks for passing by... ;)

i think mine is at 47 or something hehehe ridiculous hahahaha

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

AHHH where were such posts when I was new here.
I think it wouldnt have mattered since I only knew steemit and with the vests I had I could only do 100%.

I try to keep mine at 80%. Dont know where I learnt that from. but it has become my norm

Thanks for sharing on PYPT!
Someday I will hear you on voice

hahahaha... you will hear some day... maybe...
It's like the wife of Columbo (from TV series)... He always mention her, but we didn't see her ever... :)

80% is decent.. I'm trying to keep my over 85%...

Thanks for commenting...

80% means you have spent your 10 100% votes for the day. and in 24 hours it will be at full capacity again :)

Yes.. but I am online 24/7... So, I have to break down that on hours.. :P My poor VP can't go more than 92-94%.... ever... :)

you're gonna get spanked for saying you don't know where you learned that from.

video or it didn't happen

I got the camera set up already. thumbs up

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This is a great piece of advice! I know every week when I see my Voting Power approaching 100%, I am almost giddy with the thoughts of upvotes I can spread to others! Thanks for sharing this motivational writing on PYPT! 😊

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