The Steem News @ 20 July 2021 - Steemit climbs the Alexa rankings...

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Steemit climbs up Alexa.

Steem.Amal gives emergency assistance after a house fire.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Community Curator Account Rankings, Save2Soar, PromoSteem T-Shirts, Businesses on Steem, What3Words and more contests...

1. Climbing Up Alexa is making great progress climbing up, the well known website ranking index.

It is now at #6,895 on the rankings - making the 6895th most popular site in the world according to

This is a massive improvement from being at #21,575 on 30 April 2021. crossed through the 10K mark on 25 June, and now looks like it is heading for a top 5,000 ranking again soon.

At its peak a couple of years or so ago briefly made it into the top 1000 sites in the world...

2. Steem.Amal Responds to House Fire Emergency

The Steem SEA Community Charity @steem.amal again gave emergency assistance to another family who sadly lost their home and possessions to fire.

The fire occurred in Ujong Blang, Banda Sakti sub-district on Thursday 15 July. Within just two days the Steem.Amal team had surveyed the needs of the family and provided over 70 SBD worth of vital kitchen equipment, toiletries, food, clothes and school equipment for the children of the family.

@radjasalman led the survey...

Steem.Amal Program Manager @el-nailul posted a full report of the finances of the emergency assistance given...

The response from Steem.Amal was very much a team effort with @ibnusakdan, @muhammadbakrie , @alee75 @aisyahmychun, @rahmatilla, @keumalanasriah and @bundamonteski all assisting @radjasalman with the survey and the delivery of the emergency assistance.

3. Community Curator Account Rankings

Bangladesh Country Rep @toufiq777 has produced an updated list of the total amount of Steem Power being held by some of the leading communities with community curator accounts.

Currently top of the table is Steem Sri Lanka (@steem-sri.lanka) with over 195K SP, then SteemitFoods (@steemitfoods) with 172K SP and Steem SEA (@steemseacurator) with 115K SP...

4. Save2Soar

SteemAlive Community Leader @focusnow has posted an update on savings progress for the @save2soar project.

In the past two weeks 19 members of the community have managed to save 320 STEEM to power up...

5. PromoSteem T-Shirts Around the World

Members of the PromoSteem team in the Philippines were showing off their new Steem T-shirts at a recent meetup organised by @natz04.

The meetup was attended by @nathan49, @lemjoo, @lailyn.lariosa, @autumnbliss, @noaj along with @natz04 and his wife @chibas.arkanghil...

In Ghana PromoSteem Promoter @mcsamm reports that he has another batch of T-shirts to distribute to people joining up to Steem...

The production of many of the T-shirts has been supported by @stephenkendal.

6. Businesses on Steem

The Barista Academy in Venezuela reports on a training session they did for the Anzoategui State Coffee Producers Association...

Also in Venezuela @Cactusgens has posted a tutorial on succulent reproduction methods...

In Ghana @rhoddysfabrics shows off some new fabric collections all available for STEEM...

7. What3Words

@radoan has posted a reminder of how to use to to add geo-location information on photos in Diary Game posts...

8. Contests

@disconnect is running a contest tagging contest with 30 STEEM in prizes...

@the-gorilla is moving with the sports seasons and is now running a fantasy cricket contest with a 50 STEEM prize fund...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

STEEM price US$ 0.32 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
STEEM price 0.00001083 BTC 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #173 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
SBD price US$ 5.73 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
Alexa rank ( #6.895 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
Unique visitors ( 389,464 / day 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC
Page views ( 1,635,750 / day 21 Jul '21 0.36am UTC

This is #376 (20 Jul '21) of this daily news service.

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Hello @pennsif,

@ftz led me to you via this post.

His post is an example of a pilot project to provide a Basic Income for members of the Steem environment. We are on the first day of the project, so I am refining the methodology. You are precisely doing what I want to do. I gave an upvote to @el-nailul because you mentioned him.

I hope that my project participants will be reminded daily to mutually upvote a set of friends, creating a consistent level of earnings on a single post.

There is a second benefit of the process. The participants would be like nodes on a network. If there is an important message, a person posting will notify six people, who each, in turn, might relay the message to six people each and so on. If the Steem SEA Community Charity @steem.amal created a post talking about the fire, it could propagate quickly through the system.

With that in mind, I would like to include a link to your daily posts as part of my message to drive people to your "message board." I will add it to my post today and in future posts. If this creates a problem, give me a reply, and I will discontinue it.

One of the reasons why I mentioned @pennsif in this project as I believe he is doing a great job by creating steem news which is really beneficial to let people know some interesting news on Steemit.

When I joined to the platform 3-4 months back, after a while I discovered pennsif's post that I really liked. Since then I am following this steem news, especially post regarding"win with steem" was my favourite.

Later I guess @disconnect started doing contest alert and pennsif continued with steem news.

Thanks for the daily update. It has been so helpful for some of us to follow the various news and contest that are ongoing. We are happy for your support sir @pennsif

Thank you sir @pennsif for featuring us here in your post. This is really amazing, an inspiration to do more in our #steempromotion here in the philippines.

You are welcome.

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