Heading back to where I came from...

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I've mentioned in several posts before my background in environmental campaigning.

I spent many years involved in Friends of the Earth from local volunteer to regional director with many roles in between.

They were great days in the 1970's, '80's and '90's particularly. I enjoyed them immensely.

But life changes and I moved into other areas.

The issues that I was campaigning on then have, by and large, not gone away. The issues have become problems.

And now the problems have become a crisis. And that a crisis is becoming an emergency.

That emergency now teeters on the brink of becoming a catastrophe...

Climate, extinction, pollution, plastics, desertification, degradation.

Take your pick. They are all breaking bad.

My Personal Dilemma

This presents me with a dilemma. Do I sit back and let the world go to pot.

Or do I stand up and be counted again.

Four decades have passed since I first manned the environmental barricades. A lot has changed. And age has left me less nimble than before.

But back in the day I was pretty good at what I did. And I have learnt a lot over the years that may come in handy.

Although I had retired from active service I have decided to re-enlist again and do my duty.

I have only have one life. We only have one planet.

Make it count.

Priorities must change.

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When I see quotes from people throughout history and I'm reminded just how long people have been trying to raise awareness of the direction we are heading in, it can leave me feeling defeated. Things just kept steem rolling on and predictions came into being. Now finally it's reaching a point where it can't be ignored and things are slowly starting to happen. I hope it's not too late and that we can find a new path going forward.

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I've been going through similar thoughts myself lately. It's been nearly a decade since I was actively involved in activism and I think I need to get back into it. I am horribly pessimistic about the world, so that's part of the reason why I've lost the will to do anything about it. Not to mention how it affects my depression. But I can't sit here getting stuck into 'business as usual' folks on social media if I'm not willing to do anything myself (other than ranting and raving on social media).

I have three children. As they grow older the reality hits me ever harder of what state we are leaving the world in for their generation.

We are not making it easy for them...

Yeah, I've got two kids and I have to do something on their behalf. It's them who will be really stuck with our mess.

Totally agree.

Well XR are an easy way in - and you can guarantee the government won't do enough to satisfy their demands so they'll be all sorts of opportunities to join in on this!

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Yes just following what Extinction Rebellion are doing.

We need campaigning and protesting of all types at all levels.

It's 8 years since I quit that fight. And I don't see coming back anytime soon because I have people depending on my paycheck. But I wish I could be more active. Maybe once there will be time again...

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That's right! That way of thinking should be everybody's way of life.

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Wow! So what does this look like for you @pennsif? It sounds like you are determined to make a bold move and that's exciting!

Age might have made your body less nimble - but your mind is sharp as a tack! What we lose in physical capabilities, we can more than make up for in wisdom and drive!

I have faith in your determined spirit! Looking forward to hearing more about your new/old adventure! :)

Good luck. I am sure you will still be good at it even though a lot has changed. If not already too late is t indeed time to make the change.

Thank you. I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

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You put it well; You have only one life.
Enjoy it.
Don't waste it on things you can't affect or change.

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