Weekly report: How much STEEM is stored on the exchanges? - September 26, 2019

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The charts below show how much STEEM is stored on each exchange where STEEM is listed.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

STEEM stored on all exchanges

STEEM stored on Bittrex

STEEM stored on Binance

STEEM stored on Poloniex

STEEM stored on Bithumb

STEEM stored on Huobi

STEEM stored on Upbit

STEEM stored on Openledger

STEEM stored on Gopax

STEEM stored on SteemEngine

How much STEEM is currently stored on each exchange?

ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange
Bittrex41,842,053 STEEM41,690,599 STEEM+0.4%
Binance20,171,669 STEEM20,773,312 STEEM-2.9%
Poloniex9,985,735 STEEM10,012,046 STEEM-0.3%
Bithumb9,986,549 STEEM9,986,549 STEEM0.0%
Huobi7,795,625 STEEM8,077,576 STEEM-3.5%
Upbit4,294,191 STEEM5,288,905 STEEM-18.8%
Openledger0 STEEM0 STEEM0.0%
Gopax361,447 STEEM387,427 STEEM-6.7%
SteemEngine496,116 STEEM477,134 STEEM+4.0%

Total amount of STEEM stored on all exchanges: 94,933,385 STEEM
Total STEEM supply: 326,298,497 STEEM
Liquid STEEM: 121,810,364 STEEM

  • 29.1% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 77.9% of all liquid STEEM is stored on the exchanges.

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"77.9% of all liquid STEEM is stored on the exchanges."
The amount of Steem stored on the exchanges are decreased/decreasing in general, but it is still high. Probably people are transferred them back to their Steem accounts, and powered up due to the increased curation rewards. Or maybe some of the people decided to sell some Steem. I don't understand why people are storing Steem on the exchanges (other than for trading purposes). What if the exchange will be hacked, and they will lose all of their Steem? Storing Steem (especially a lot of Steem) on the exchanges are very risky. You can lose that Steem anytime.

i assume there are a lot of speculators out there who buy steem on an exchange for example and don't know really about the platform, they just buy it because of speculation.

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