Weekly report: How much STEEM is stored on the exchanges? - February 14, 2019

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The charts below show how much STEEM is stored on each exchange where STEEM is listed.

A lot of STEEM was moved from the Korean exchanges, Bithumb and especially from Upbit, to Bittrex and Binance this week.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

STEEM stored on all exchanges

STEEM stored on Bittrex

STEEM stored on Poloniex

STEEM stored on Binance

STEEM stored on Huobi

STEEM stored on Upbit

STEEM stored on Bithumb

STEEM stored on Openledger

STEEM stored on Gopax

How much STEEM is currently stored on each exchange?

ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange
Bittrex40,262,987 STEEM36,992,691 STEEM+8.8%
Poloniex9,787,318 STEEM9,745,579 STEEM+0.4%
Binance15,048,851 STEEM13,334,849 STEEM+12.9%
Huobi4,099,878 STEEM3,866,749 STEEM+6.0%
Upbit2,152,412 STEEM6,088,378 STEEM-64.6%
Bithumb5,689,978 STEEM6,333,923 STEEM-10.2%
Openledger564,440 STEEM569,665 STEEM-0.9%
Gopax293,323 STEEM310,707 STEEM-5.6%

Total amount of STEEM stored on all exchanges: 76,707,587 STEEM
Total STEEM supply: 299,574,696 STEEM
Liquid STEEM: 99,265,912 STEEM

  • 25.6% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 77.3% of all liquid STEEM is stored on the exchanges.

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They must reallllly trust bittrex to lay their stack there ... or is @ben one of steemit’s layaway accounts


well @ben got 8k steem power transferred to vesting from steemit inc that magically turned into 4 million half of which was withdrawn through @iamdev


after this @ben makes a comment saying 90% of their wealth is in steem because they believe in so much

so judging by the early transfer to vesting from steemit incs account and the lies that followed is no doubt is part of steemit inc

to be precise is Ben Johnson listed as director of Steemit inc


Whats your opinion on that?

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Legit scares me how much is stored on exchanges right now....

Great post!
It is good to know where all the Steem is in the system.

I guess we can thank ned for adding to that chart

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Incredible to see stay up here... who would really want to sell here without needing it to fund themselves? Interesting times to come.

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Thanks for the info.

One thing, can anyone buy STEEM on an exchange without having a Steem account, a username?

Thing is, STEEM is not really stored on an exchange, but rather in the Steem accounts that belong to the exchanger. So the coins don't really leave the system, they just get stored into accounts that don't (generally) do much with them.