Weekly report: How much STEEM is stored on the exchanges? - August 16, 2018

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The charts below show how much STEEM is stored on each exchange where STEEM is listed.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

STEEM stored on all exchanges

STEEM stored on Bittrex

STEEM stored on Poloniex

STEEM stored on Binance

STEEM stored on Huobi

STEEM stored on Upbit

STEEM stored on Bithumb

STEEM stored on Openledger

STEEM stored on Gopax

How much STEEM is currently stored on each exchange?

Bittrex23,818,589 STEEM
Poloniex10,115,716 STEEM
Binance8,323,106 STEEM
Huobi3,494,454 STEEM
Upbit578,807 STEEM
Bithumb1,498,932 STEEM
Openledger560,701 STEEM
Gopax444,973 STEEM

Total amount of STEEM stored on all exchanges: 48,733,524 STEEM
Total STEEM supply: 273,683,717 STEEM
Liquid STEEM: 79,613,836 STEEM

  • 17.8% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 61.2% of all liquid STEEM is stored on the exchanges.

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Thank you for the information. @penguinpablo
Grateful for the SteemNow service.

interesting data summary @penguinpablo, I'll throw some upvote(s) into your latest post

It looks like BitHumb has restored their Steem in the account but the price and volume have far from normalized. It's still $4 with crazy, not believable volume.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Compliments, very good post.
The Steem market is constantly expanding and evolving.

great job :)

Nice work!! Too much supply!!

Thats crazy! 61.2% of all liqud steem is stored on exchanges, think about that for a second.

"Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!"

You keep saying it, and people continue to not listen. I am amazed that one thin dime is in Polinex after all the trouble. This is the wild, wild, west, for sure!