STEEM and SBD burning statistics

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Have you ever wondered how much STEEM and SBD is burned on a regular basis? If yes, this post is for you :)

The charts below show all transfers to the @null account. All STEEM and SBD sent to @null is immediately burned.

How much STEEM and SBD was burned?

Last 7 days2277 STEEM29.814 SBD
Last 30 days9264 STEEM126.682 SBD
Last 365 days29248 STEEM8829.990 SBD

1. Weekly STEEM & SBD burned

DateSTEEM burnedSBD burned
2019-421,455 STEEM15.542 SBD
2019-413,100 STEEM37.015 SBD
2019-401,543 STEEM26.471 SBD
2019-391,766 STEEM26.899 SBD
2019-381,419 STEEM35.011 SBD
2019-371,017 STEEM59.359 SBD
2019-361,547 STEEM58.607 SBD

Largest STEEM burners last week

@burnpost2,159.742 STEEM
@randowhale74.000 STEEM
@appreciator25.440 STEEM
@abh1234510.000 STEEM
@cadawg3.000 STEEM

2. Daily STEEM & SBD burned

DateSTEEM burnedSBD burned
2019-10-24206 STEEM1.114 SBD
2019-10-23245 STEEM2.337 SBD
2019-10-22981 STEEM10.305 SBD
2019-10-2123 STEEM1.786 SBD
2019-10-20344 STEEM1.917 SBD
2019-10-19338 STEEM4.470 SBD
2019-10-18140 STEEM7.885 SBD
2019-10-17228 STEEM2.662 SBD

Largest STEEM burners last 30 days

@burnpost8,990.185 STEEM
@randowhale142.000 STEEM
@appreciator26.013 STEEM
@cadawg18.000 STEEM
@sumatranate11.000 STEEM

Largest STEEM burners this year (2019, Januari 1 until today)

@burnpost22,791.877 STEEM
@smartfund544.573 STEEM
@smooth418.754 STEEM
@swelker101200.000 STEEM
@likwid192.166 STEEM

From now on, I will add the burn statistics to my 'Daily Steem Stats report'. Follow me to keep informed :)

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We clearly need more @burnpost. At least a 25x increase. Probably more.

  ·  21 days ago (edited)

Bring it on.

BTW the above undercounts burnpost by about 25% since the top level burnposts (but not comments) currently use beneficiary to null and aren't included.

Ah...good to know. Thanks!

Does this include STEEM/SBD burned through null beneficiary settings?

STEEM that is burned by setting @null as the beneficiary of a post is burned before it is even created. I would be interesting to include that in my stats as well, but at this moment I only have the transfers to @null.

  ·  23 days ago (edited)

Will that be possible to pick up as I suspect a lot is burnt as beneficiaries.

Many of my posts, and all the daily news posts send 5% to @null.

before it is even created

That's philosophically debatable. Payouts come from the reward fund and I believe that is considered part of total supply (though I'm not 100% sure on this last point).

Technically, the reward pool is not part of the supply yet, as far as I know. Rewards will become part of the supply once paid out, if I'm correct. But that is just technical and it is indeed debatable from a non-technical standpoint.

I would be interesting to include the @null beneficiaries, but I do not have this data in my database right now.

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I understood what I was seeing.

Yep, this will change the numbers a fair bit.

Probably a good idea to do one for @steem.dao as well.

very good post! interesting stadistics!

what does it mean burned? you mean sold immideatelly?

STEEM that is burned is removed from the supply. Gone forever.

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 7 of my contest just started...check it out!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Command accepted!

Hey @penguinpablo, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Good add.

A little birdy is telling me we need to get a handle on the rewards being voted to sellers.
Can we get a list of the top ~100 transfers to exchanges?
Many of those are only stripping value.
Folks will want to stop voting them more, if they want the price to rise.