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I take your post as an example. Your post had a reward of $2.32.
$1.12 for the curators and $1.19 for you as the author.

You received 2.831 liquid STEEM and 2.831 STEEM POWER, a total of 5.662 STEEM.

The STEEM price at the moment of the payout was $0.162 (set by the witnesses).

5.662 * $0.162 = $0,92 US dollar. So the STEEM you received for your post is worth 0,92 USD and tot $1.19 USD.

10 SBD is 49 Steem right now. This would mean you get 25 Steem as the author for a 10 STU post.

I think that's about right.

My post as an example:

Pending payout amount: $20.81
Breakdown: 0.00 SBD, 49.31 STEEM, 49.31 SP

A total of almost 99 STEEM (author + curators), but 99 STEEM is not worth $20.81 US dollar.

20.81 SBD is 103 STEEM right now.

I have replaced 'SBD' with '$' in my reward curve chart on Better so :)

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Thank you for this. A little confusing for me but it seems to fit.