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I have made a cool new feature for You can now view the reward curve in real time :-)

Check out


Since HF21 Steem has moved from a linear rewards curve to a convergent linear rewards curve. The brown line in the chart is the old curve and the blue line shows the new one. Hover your mouse over the lines to see the precise values.

The x-axis shows the amount of Steem Power (SP) and on the y-axis you find the corresponding reward in SBD.

You can change the minimum and maximum Steem Power (SP) you want to see in the chart. Click the 'Calculate' button to reload the chart. Below is an example.

You can open the reward curve window by clicking the new icon on Please refresh the page or clear your browser cache if the new icon does not show up.

Everything is calculated in real-time. The reward depends on the price of Steem, the amount of Steem in the reward pool and the recent_claims. The more Steem in the reward pool or the lower the recent_claims the higher the payouts. A higher Steem price will also increase the reward of course.

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Awesome man
Wish I was technical to create sites like this

for @penguinpablo


Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Today, is my upvote worth $ 0.0004?
Should I divide it 50% for the author and 50% for the curator?

Yes, that's right.

Great work @penguinpablo

So it looks like the crossover point is at about 500K SP with a post payout of $6.66 at the moment.

Does it really take 400k SP to get a post up to a value of 20 STEEM?

400k SP gives a reward of 24.644 STEEM ($5.20).


Great addition on steemnow perfect place to get all the info

Great work penguinpablo!
Btw: I would love Steemit to have instant txt chat with voice and video options - this would make Steemit truly the best social media platform bar none! This is the one killer feature Steemit needs - can you help make this a reality?

Keep up your fantastic work

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thanks for your comment and resteem :)

We have, but it is not really integrated into Steemit and not being used much.
I'm not sure if it is a good idea to record all (private) chat messages on the blockchain.

I don't know how to interpret this data. I entered my SP of 1278 and the chart produced one small data point of zero. Does this mean that I am projected to receive zero reward with my current SP?

The chart shows the amount of Steem Power you need to get to a certain amount of reward.

For example: An upvote with 100.000 SP is worth $1.025 SBD.

You don't have to change the minimum or maximum SP. It's optional.

OK, so it looks like the smallest vote of 10,000 SP will earn 0.081 SBD curation rewards?
Is 10,000 SP the smallest profitable vote, or is it because your X axis is set to increment by every 10,000?

The tool takes steps of 10,000 SP.

A 10.000 SP vote gives a reward of $0.081. This reward is 50% for the author and 50% for the curator.

Has the 10% for SPS been removed already?

This is really cool. Thanks for your efforts @penguinpablo. I just made a tutorial about steemnow for the little community am building. If you can, please check it. Here is the link:

Really nice upgrade!

brillant idea ! thanks you @penguinpablo, that's genius ^^

Thanks for this update, it's really useful to understand how Voting Power will affect after this HF passed.

true :)

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This is an awesome visualization. I think the new curve is doing more harm than good and is devaluing many small bloggers.

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Lol very cool I’ve seen a few posts with people trying to figure out what their earning potential is and how it’s changed! Will play around with the tool a bit later

Nice one. it's helps see the difference.

Cool to have a visual!

Hi, I like to see the real-time reward curve, but why do you calculate it in SBD, when we have not printed SBD in months?

That's true, but all rewards shown on are in SBD $ (edited).

I don't think that's correct. The $ units on represent STU (steem token units) and not SBD values. When payout happens, STU is then split in SBD and Steem after accounting for curation.

Yes that's right, but the $ values we see on are not in US Dollar.
If a post has a reward of $10 the actual payout is worth 10 SBD (paid out in Steem) and not 10 USD. If I'm right. The actual payout in Steem is worth less than 10 US dollar at the current Steem price.
Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

You are wrong :D

Right now as there is no SBD paid out at all, you can divide the $ amount you see on (called STUs) by 2 and you will have the author rewards which will be paid out in SP. (+your amount of curation if you selfupvoted your post)

If we have liquid steem ratio at 0% (currently 100% which mean no SBD is being paid out) there is a complex calculation of how much SP and SBD you will receive.

check out
to get a feeling for what I mean. It shows the old HF 20 split, but explains it very well.

I know there is no SBD paid out right now, but no US dollar either. Authors and curators receive STEEM only, but the reward is shown in $. The Steem that is paid out is in US dollar terms worth less than the $ amount shown.

If you multiply the amount of Steem that is paid out for a post by the current price of Steem in US dollar it is currently less than the reward that is shown on A post that shows a reward of $10 currently distributes an amount of Steem that is worth about 10 SBD.

Edit: This is only true if the liquid steem ratio remains at 100%. Therefore, I think you are correct it is better not to show the rewards in my chart in SBD, but in $ (the same as on

There is no $ shown on
It is STU, but they use the dollar sign. It's in the FAQ.

"A post that shows a reward of $10 currently distributes an amount of Steem that is worth about 10 SBD."
I am quite sure that this is not correct. 10 SBD is 49 Steem right now. This would mean you get 25 Steem as the author for a 10 STU post.

I take your post as an example. Your post had a reward of $2.32.
$1.12 for the curators and $1.19 for you as the author.

You received 2.831 liquid STEEM and 2.831 STEEM POWER, a total of 5.662 STEEM.

The STEEM price at the moment of the payout was $0.162 (set by the witnesses).

5.662 * $0.162 = $0,92 US dollar. So the STEEM you received for your post is worth 0,92 USD and tot $1.19 USD.

10 SBD is 49 Steem right now. This would mean you get 25 Steem as the author for a 10 STU post.

I think that's about right.

My post as an example:

Pending payout amount: $20.81
Breakdown: 0.00 SBD, 49.31 STEEM, 49.31 SP

A total of almost 99 STEEM (author + curators), but 99 STEEM is not worth $20.81 US dollar.

20.81 SBD is 103 STEEM right now.

I have replaced 'SBD' with '$' in my reward curve chart on Better so :)

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Hey @penguinpablo, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Excellent tool. @penguinpablo
Thank you.
Did a rewards computation below. Is this the correct usage?

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The tool takes steps of 10.000 SP and starts with your lowest input. In your screenshot it has only 2 values on the x-asis: 5.054 and 15.054. Try a higher value for 'Max. SP'.

Thank you. @PenguinPablo 😊

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