Great news: Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Lists Steem

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Breaking news!

As of today you can trade STEEM on Binance. Binance is in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchange based on volume according to

STEEM/BNB, STEEM/BTC and STEEM/ETH trading pairs are now available on Binance for trading. You can start depositing and trading STEEM now.

Here's the announcement:

And the link to the trading page:

Binance has a much lower trading fee than Bittrex or Poloniex. 0,1% or even lower if you own Binance Coin. They are based in Hong Kong and known for their good support team.

SBD (Steem Blockchain Dollar) is not listed yet. Hopefully they will add SBD later as well.

Great news! I will definitely use them to trade STEEM!

Congratulations Steemians! :)

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Oo awesome news for our community we should except a rise in price of steem :)

This is a massive WIN for Steemit. I can't tell you how long I've waited to see a Steem pair on Binance - so tired of Poloniex and Bittrex's charades and big fees. I wonder if Binance is also considering an SBD pair.

really cool news!

One step closer to the moon.
February, here we come.
More exposure reinforces the community.
Keep on steemin'

Steem is doing very well in this bear market! Price stays steady while the rest is tanking, google search all time high and an extra exchange listing. Bullish!

So much of Steem’s volume lately has been from South Korea. Binance trading of Steem is a great way to diversify where it’s traded so we’re not so heavily weighted toward any one subset of crypto investors.

I was waiting for this listing and I am very confident that much volume will come to steem through Binance exchange once bitcoin settles and start bouncing.

thank you for this great news
steemit go to the moon next time
binance big exchange
i think steem in the top 5 crepto soooon

One more milestone added to the story of steemit ....

Great news now looking for steem to enter top 10 marketcap.

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excellent news. Maybe the Korean dominated market for Steem trading will be given some real competition.

Wow. What a good news to read in the middle of this dips.

That is an awesome news for steemit users.

this is huge

Could someone please explain to me how this will benefit Steem going forward, and thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot! Poloniex and HitBTC still have problems accepting steem and sbd!


Finally! I’m not a fan of Bittrex!

My profile has news and membership addresses about sbd transfer.

Just woke up!

That Great News also makes me :) in the morning.


... and we're only getting started!

Wow this is great news...

Hello I sent 1 SBD in your account but I have no received upvote

After WeissRanting many exchanges looked at Steem & they realized potential of Steem & Steemit. Binance is one of them.

But, I'd like to think that my coin request submission from the end of December was the reason. ;) LOL

Thanks for the information @penguinpablo, I am very happy to hear this info, thank you for your help, we can work together

Is binance better than coinbase?

Look like great news for all interested in the cryptocurrency market

Wow! It' s great news! This news can make people better to choose a material to publish on steemit to get more rating and steem!
And now one question how we can send STEEM to binance? What is the transaction algorithm?

Deposits go to this account (with a memo): @deepcrypto8.

Thanks for your answer @penguinpablo!

That is massive news! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I know that the CEO has published on the Steemit platform and was wondering why STEEM was being left behind on Binance. SBD needs to be next. I wonder if they intentionally want to stagger listing SBD for a later date?

This is fantastic news. We're going past the moon this year!

Thank you for telling crypto market, I will enroll in binance.

Thanks for this information @penguinpablo. Keep up the good work

Great info! :)

Great news!
Binance is a great exchange!
Looking forward to them adding sbd for sure as well. Thanks for sharing & Steem On :)

Is binance have steemit account like bittrex and poloniex?
So that we could transfer our SBD/STEEM from steemit to binance?

Thank you for the positive feedback @penguinpablo. Much appreciated.

Thanks for this information! Question:
Do you know the name of the steemit account of binance?
Is it "binance"? It seems to be logical, but it isn't necessary.

I noticed this morning that for the first time since I joined the platform that Steem was higher than SBD... I'm sure this absolutely explains it. Might have to consider a 100% Power Up on my posts now.

Thanks for this, really appreciate it!

It's good to see Steem listed on new exchanges, and hopefully this trend will continue. It would be nice to see SBDs listed as well, although Steem is now more valuable and you can always go from one to the other on the internal marketplace here.

this information is interesting to all of us. thank you for your information friend.

Great News!

Binance is by far the best exchange ATM.

now i see.. this is the reason why steem have overtaken the price of sbd.. do you think syeem will sustain its current price higher than sbd?

This is very good news.

Whats great is that its much easier to apply to Binance for us newbies then any other exchange. Bittrex is locked and for Polinex im still waiting.

This is great news!

Good news indeed!
Now they just gotta add SBD and I'm set!!


Already bought my first 500 STEEM on Binance, but the withdrawal isn´t working yet :(

steemain love

Terima kasih informasinya @penguinpablo

Hopefully they will list SBD too later on, I don't really care as on short term all my SBD will be reinvested! 👍

good news..Quite interesting post. I will look up into Goldmoney and Mene 24k investment jewelry. Its nice that you provide value for your fellow steemians

Great news, thanks for sharing @penguinpablo!

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This is great news, I am superexcited about being about to buy Steem with BNB discounted rates. Withdraw is suspended currently, Binance has issues from time to time with this sort of thing I hope they get it fixed up so we can buy Steem and get it into our accounts.

thank you for this great news
steemit go to the moon next time

Thanks a lot for the good news. 👌👌👌 #upvoted

its one of the happiest news for all steemians. go [email protected]

Excellent post steem is positioned with very good confidence in the market and its value is very stable despite the fact that the other currencies have dropped a lot, the btc is about 9100 has almost already dropped by 2000 less thanks for such a good post greetings friend blessings

the groly be to the lord,i've been praying for this since yesterday

Day by day Steem goes further. This is great news, I am happy that I was able to take part at the change!

I read this myself and it makes me really excited for the future of STEEM and Steemit as a platform. I think that this bodes the perfect opportunity to launch my incubator program over the next week or two - a program for complete beginners where they join and I upvote the really good content from members, as well as provide them with a full guide on how to do well on Steemit.

I am currently looking for delegated SP for this project, but all upvotes on my posts will be put straight to increasing my SP for the project. I think that STEEM being listed on Binance will really push the project forward, and that new user accounts will increase. Hopefully my incubator will help increase daily active user rates!

Great News! Another achievement unlocked, congratulations to all of us Steemians!

Wow, it is an amazing news! Please allow me to translate to Mandarin in order to spread this news to Chinese community.

Thanks for your consideration

This is super news! No wonder Steem is one of very few cryptos that are not red today ;)

This is really great news @penguinpablo! I can see why everyone in the community is excited, rightfully so. When you get listed (finally!) on the #2 exchange, it is definitely something to celebrate about.

I would expect a short term gain/pump...but with Steem, it may keep going!

I would like to note that this is just a small step on the path to the growth we all want & expect to see. Steem is only listed on 5 of the top 15 exchanges now...Binace(2), UpBit(3), Bittrex(10), HitBTC(11), Poloniex(12), Korbit(24), OpenLedger(103) according to CoinMarketCap.


...we still have a LONG way to go, but what a great victory! Let's celebrate the moment and keep steeming on!

Thank you. Good information.

Sweetness. I love binance!

Very good and exciting news! The future for Steem is very bright and steady!

Keep up the good work!
Thank you very much.

All those "little" things help to get to the Moon.

Promoting my post via your blog thanks.

How to send money to them does they have an account

wonderful thats really amazing news for all the steemit family and all the proud members of steemit!and its my first tymm here u got a new follower!

Do you perhaps have a tutorial about how to use binance?

Here's a DTube video by @joeparys on how to trade Steem on Binance: