Daily Steem Stats Report - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Wednesday, September 27, 2017. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes


3. Daily active users

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of SBD converted to Steem

DateAmount in SBD
2017-09-261,825 SBD
2017-09-2513,462 SBD
2017-09-2430,710 SBD
2017-09-2322,212 SBD
2017-09-2236,937 SBD
2017-09-2141,220 SBD
2017-09-2010,177 SBD

7. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2017-09-2681,524 STEEM178,911 STEEM-97,387 STEEM
2017-09-25141,302 STEEM120,328 STEEM20,974 STEEM
2017-09-245,178,240 STEEM95,283 STEEM5,082,957 STEEM
2017-09-23126,964 STEEM90,528 STEEM36,436 STEEM
2017-09-22202,415 STEEM515,894 STEEM-313,479 STEEM
2017-09-21205,262 STEEM139,247 STEEM66,015 STEEM
2017-09-20194,189 STEEM474,868 STEEM-280,679 STEEM
Average p/d259,111 STEEM238,805 STEEM20,306 STEEM

8. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

DateFrom BittrexFrom PoloniexTo BittrexTo Poloniex
2017-09-2642,807 STEEM162,062 STEEM168,407 STEEM5,084 STEEM
2017-09-2536,105 STEEM151,983 STEEM134,877 STEEM4,600 STEEM
2017-09-2460,930 STEEM136,761 STEEM114,999 STEEM3,209 STEEM
2017-09-2354,628 STEEM169,733 STEEM138,086 STEEM910 STEEM
2017-09-2272,001 STEEM200,926 STEEM233,469 STEEM5,719 STEEM
2017-09-2128,402 STEEM263,797 STEEM243,654 STEEM8,599 STEEM
2017-09-20136,755 STEEM1,162,393 STEEM526,077 STEEM9,160 STEEM

9. Steem Price Update

Steem Price Update.png

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Hey guys, If you want to have some nice updated charts with informations about steem, have a look at https://steemdata.com/charts

Great info to rely on.
A lot of numbers is good to wrap your head around.

Really awesome to see Steemit crack over 29k active users. I wonder if that's a daily record? Love seeing more and more Steem get off of Polo. Hope this trend continues as it very well could have a big impact if/when Polo decides to disable Steem again.

30k active users!!!

Great Stats report very usefull for me!

Can we know who powered up 5 mill steem??

Thanks for the update. Good day.

When you say it comes directly from the steemit block chain, what does that mean? Can anyone just find it? Where do you go to find it?

If you are a Javascript coder you can access the Steem blockchain using the Steem.js Javascript library: https://github.com/steemit/steem-js. For other programming languages there are other tools available.

Ping me if you want to know a bit more in steemit.chat @raserrano

steem is really advancing in matter of month will be the best

I will be honest with you that 5 million power up kind of pisses me off as it reduces the heck out of everyone power. If that continues to happen Steemit is going to become more like a dictatorship with one ruler that makes all the calls because of how much steem power they have.

Don't worry too much. They gonna use the steem power for delegation.

Very informative.
Many new accounts today, thanks!

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Thanks for the regular, insightful collection of data. When it's all on one page, broader comprehension comes easily.

it's an great data to know the steemit states without going anywhere.thank you

Hello @penguinpablo

Thanks for this excellent stats.