SteemitLA Steem Team!

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Banging idea. Staple some $1s to golden tickets and bless the streets of Los Angeles.


most actively: @cryptohustlin, @sammyb, @peacewarriorette, @erring, @driva, @blockchainnation, @thevark

We exist online, on the blockchain, and in the streets. SteemitLA's street team, known as "Steem Team," took $100 in ones and stapled them to steemitLA business cards. Our mission? To get LA off Facebook and into the new lucrative community space for posting original content-Steemit. So, we handed the dollar bills out at Starbucks, on the street, at restaurants, on the train, even in ubers and lyfts...


We believe everyone in LA is a future Steemian- and so it is our mission to spread the word and guide new users on Steemit.


Steem Team coming soon to your city!


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interesting challenge!


This is a kick-ass idea!

Sounds like a great idea to me!

This is just awesome! Raw marketing method, I am sure this could work! But i guess it depends on what demographic picks up the bills, they have to be somewhat "techsavvy" or at least connected to the internet.

woaaah!!!! you can use promo-steem for this!

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Good marketing

interesting challenge!

Very cool idea. It would be interesting if you could track the response rate to see how many new Telegram followers you got from the exercise to track your ROI. I love the physical, gorrilla nature of this in contrast to the virtual, digital world.

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