STEEM a place of Hope, Community and Abundance

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I am 21 months on STEEM and I guess I could be classed as one of the fortunate ones.  My posts always make more than the average or media post value and I have accumulated over 10K SP in my time here.

My journey has been rather amazing, and I have had my fair share of drama. When I started on STEEM, and even to this day I listed to @aggroed speak about abundance, about community, about peace, about hope and possibilities and I have always felt this was alive and well on STEEM.

Obviously, I would feel this way.  I have enjoyed a lot of the nicer side of steem. In the past, I received free substantial delegations from @stellabelle and @fulltimegeek. I get regular votes from @nanzo-scoop and I have often got votes from @kpine and @fulltimegeek. @blocktrades has visited on numerous occasions and even though I get the odd flag, I have also benefited from votes from @berniesanders.  All of this and the many many more votes I have received has helped me grow my account to the level it is at now.

And all of this makes me want to give back.  To allow others to feel what I have felt.  I don’t have the SP these dudes have, and I probably never will, but I do have hope and appreciation for those that have contributed to where I am.   You see without all the above there is a good chance I would not have stuck around, like many others here on STEEM, I would have felt invisible.

I believe in helping those that help you.  I believe in STEEM as a place of giving, of sharing, of supporting and I believe without the acts of kindness, the STEEM model is not yet fully sustainable.  It's all part of a cycle that we need for growth.  Let’s face it, we need to keep people on STEEM.  They come in waves, each wave bringing more users than the last.   More mouths to feed. More shit to sieve, more gems to find.  By growing a strong ‘middle class’ from each wave, as new and larger waves roll in, we will be more equipped as a community to find more gems, educate them and spread votes.  This wheel will keep turning and as long as it does, STEEM will press on. 

There are hands that feed us here on STEEM. Some are large SP holders that prop us up with votes and some are just the average dude investing hours of time trying to keep that wheel turning, getting us ready for the next wave. 

It feels to me like we are failing these hands that feed us. As of late, I am seeing less support been given to these very people and groups when they need it most. When they ask for help.  Where is the community spirit, hope, and abundance going? 

The price of STEEM has not done us much favors. its one of the reasons alternative funding is being sought.  It's been widely discussed and I think accepted that STEEM businesses and communities need alternative revenue.  Fiat is one of the most likely alternatives.

There are three projects that come to mind of late that their outcome so far has been disappointing to say the least. @spunkeemonkee tried to rally the community for funding and it was not fulfilled.. Currently @utopian-io have a funding campaign which is nowhere near its target.  And then there is @rosatravels and @beamentor trying to build a community of mentors to support Apps on the block, they requested some funding and got like 5 donations even after the post hitting trending.

These are the hands the feed us. @spunkeemonkee is building a family-friendly app that will open the doors of STEEM to many non crypto users. @utopian-io is a large SP holder, supporting opensource contributions with votes and @rosatravel is turning the clog day in and day out for the benefit of all STEEM including App owners.

I know we can’t always support everything, but I would like you to consider how you view your investment on STEEM.  Consider the long-term gains over short term profits and think about how you can spread your investment in a way that will keep all clogs turning.  STEEM is a place of peace, abundance hope and community – this is a massive part of the cycle. Right now because of the price of crypto, things on STEEM need that extra help.  Believe it or not, generosity spreads more generosity, which on STEEM creates more wealth.

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Hi @paulag, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @rosatravel doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @rosatravels ?

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thank you @checky, yes you are a useful bot :-)

Hey @Paulag, you have written what is on my mind too. Yes, let it be a place of hope, community and abundance as we tirelessly build engagement in this steem blockchain during this bear market.

Thank you also for mentioning us. The BeAMentor account has gotten some attention today so I do see hope as we move on and not get disheartened.

Hey, I came in 2 months after you did. (August, 2017)

Let's work together,

PS And when were you in Udemy? I was there since 2014.


lol im still on Udemy, it pays for me to spend time here (well it used to but lets not go there). I have a steem course, dont tell me you haven't taken it yet lololol
shamless plug

Beamentor is a great idea, and it might also be something that you could apply to the new steemfoundition thingy with when its up a running. Im not really in the loop there at the moment, but its something worth looking into.


Ha ha... I just teach in Udemy and not take courses. But I will take your course. Hey, I am still doing very well in Udemy to help pay for my time here. LOL! Thanks for the heads up of steem foundition. ;)


wow good for you, long may it last. I took my eye of the ball and my udemy business suffered a lot so Im back working on it a lot more lately to bring it back up to where it was

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I'll have to look back into spunkeemonkee. I tried to get in the beta or alpha or whatever it was called and was told it was full which caused me to forget about them and lose interest. Thanks for the reminder.


I didnt know they filled the alpha/beta spots, that actually amazing

i also agree with you.

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I think most of the current users on Steem are the hardcore users that stick around no matter what. But finding good funding for your project becomes even harder in a bear market.
I exhausted my financials already with Steemmonsters, Steemhunt and Actifit support. Right now I have the impression that we have more good projects to support but not the userbase or investor base to elevate these projects to the next level.

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oh man its just so hard to help everyone, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. yep we need more users and investors to support everything, but with that we need more people helping with the onboarding and growth of users too

Your doing good and I for one appreciate your efforts here
Go get EM

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I totally agree with you here and am surprised as some initiatives do not take offbm but I think the upcoming Proposal system could help as it provides and additional alternative where users can use their SP influence without giving anything up and still help things get off the ground. I am looking forward to see what value adding initiatives could be started there and their results.

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Sometimes it's a true mystery who some initiatives get the attention they deserve and why others don't. I personally want to step up my game to share more posts about the more interesting projects and potentially get more eyeballs on them so they can get some support. I hope to reach 10k SP in a few months which is a nice milestone for me after which I want to support more projects.



Its actually been on my list for ages now to do a suite of posts on all of the apps and projects but I haven't found the time yet.
10K is an awesome target and your mindset is exactly what we need more off