Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame Week - #50

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Welcome to the Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame. Its week 50.  This week we have no new graduate. and 3 new redfish. There are now 160 redfish growing with us and tracking their road to minnowhood and also 92 graduates. I wish each and every one of you success in growing your account on Steem. The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. To learn more about this initiative please do have a read of the introduction post  .  

A big shout out and thank you to @richatvns for this amazing artwork - feel free to add it to your posts and promote the redfish league

NOTE:  There will be NO Redfish Power Up League next week.  the week after (26th June) will include power ups for 2 weeks

Do you want to join?

You can join, or leave at any stage, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know that you want in or out.   

Support Each Other

This league gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the accounts you would not normally visit.  Take a look at the league and visit the profiles of one account above you and one account below and let's show each other a little support.

I would like to very much thank @sparkesy43 for doing this the last while.  It's really encouraging to see you use this league to support other like minded people.  We are all trying to grow our accounts, let's support each other.

Redfish Power UP League

Every Wednesday I will be connecting to the SteemSQL database managed by @arcange and gathering details on the Owned SP for each person in the league.The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held when the person joined the league and the average weekly % SP growth will be calculated. The person with the highest % weekly SP growth will be on top of the league. When a person reaches owned SP of 500, they will be removed from the league and added to the Wall of Fame.   


 accounts with no growth or powerdowns this week are not included in the list above

A shout out a welcome to all of the new people this week  @mastersa   @jonygomez   @maxwellmarcusart. Welcome to the league.  Do check out the accounts above and below you in the league, visit their blogs and show each other support.      


Well done @mastersa being first in the league with a massive power up of 66.53 sp since the last league post.  This puts you first in the league.  You will be sent an SBI unit. And it is your first week with us. nice!

@dragonblades  you are so close in second place I just have to send you a prize too 44.716SP power up, nice work.  You are crushing it out there.

Congratulations also to  @vibesforlife  @skramatters  @wakeupkitty  @eveningart  @chwaqas   @dtwo   @nmcdougal94 and  @ajorundon  as you were all in the top 10 this week with fantastic growth.

Spot Prizes

Lucky number 5 @wakeupkitty you will be sent 1 SBI unit. 

Lucky number 15 @adenijiadeshina you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  Congratulations!

Lucky number 20 @qwerrie you will be sent 1 @SBI unit.

Wall of Fame  

We have a whopping no new entrant on the wall of fame this week. 

Shout out to   @maquemali   @tryskele @skramatters  @oppongk   @dragonblades   @sparkesy43  @ ajorundon   @yanyanbebe   @miguelvargas   @buckaroo You are all on the home stretch.  Won't be long now before you are minnows.  Keep going everyone.              

Minnow Power Up League

I am delighted to tell you @steemcommunity account is now taking names for the Minnow Power Up league.  If you have SP of 500+ we would love you to join.  You can read the introduction post here   


This weeks league is sponsored by me.  All prizes have been sent

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Oh no. I disappoint today. My goal was to enter top 3 but never the less next time, i will surely claim it

top 3....cant wait to see you there

You are so beautiful @paulag i will keep on powering up my account and i will never powering down..

thank you for such a lovely comment, keep growing and you will be so glad in the end

Great to see all these new minnows. Palnet could be a good place for redfish to pick some extra rewards as well.

Indeed, palnet is a new option for all of us

Lucky number ... wow! charming, a nice surprise.

btw i've grown to 90 SP. I am a snail among fishes, hehe.

not a snail at all. 90sp, there must be a timing difference on where I run the data

Wow! @Paulag Thank you!

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no problems, you are most welcome

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So close :) Goal is by the end of the month @paulag :) Again, thank you for this league.

so so so close, im cheering you on

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Want to join @paulag. Hope there is a spot for me.

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No problem, there is plenty of room, I will add your name for the next post


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Thank you @paulag for this great league.
i am one breath away reaching 500SP but leaving this league doesn't mean that i will stop supporting it.
I've create an autoreply post for introduceyourself tag that lead new steemians to your post.
you are doing great job keep it up.

you are very welcome @dragonblades, and yes I have seen all the work you are doing.
Dont worry, when you graduate from this league, we have another league waiting :-)

i ready for the new league :D but i will graduate the no-post week :D

Thank you @paulag for the mention and including me to the leauge. Hopeful I will be amang the top 50 next week or thereabout.

Am in for the race.

you are most welcome, I look forward to seeing your grow

Never knew I was at the 31st spot until I visited this post once again. I have alredy made the first 50 spot!

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This looks sick, count me in @paulag

no problem, I have added your name and you will be included in tomorrows post

Congratulations @paulag! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Nice to see steemians helping each other. I'm in!

i would love to add you but you own too much sp, fear not, we have a league just for you, the minnow power up league over on @steemcommunity account. I have added your name and the post will be out on thur

I will snoop there. Thank you :)

Hi mom @paulag I want to join

great, I have added your name to the league and you will be included in tomorrows post

Thanks mom

I would like to enroll in the league. And the only thing I have to do is just by trying to grow myself, right? I'm on it!

yeps thats all you have to do, and then you can also use this post to meet and engage with others in the league :-)


Might I please join your initiative? I've come down from the WONDERFUL delegation of @danielsaori, and will continue to use all of my resources to help others via the @steemterminal, as well as my other resources/groups. Thank you for your consideration; also currently working to finish your Udemy Course (Father's Day festivities lol)... oh... also, @brittandjosie says hello dear friend! Thanks again...


hi there, so glad to have you join us. I have been away on business and stuff and there was no league post last week, but the new post will be out tomorrow and you will be included


No worries... last we chatted, I was more happy to hear about you getting to see Bon Jovi lol... I appreciate you taking the time to reply back... I know there is NEVER enough time in one day; you feel like you might be getting ahead, then realize... right!! Haha... As always... thank you for the reply, and again, for the Udemy Course... you truly do, care for the community...

Thank you...

Okay, I want to be included in this.
Thank you for this fantastic league.

fantastic stuff, I would love you to join. I have added your name for the new post tomorrow

Hey @paulag thank you for telling me about adding me.
I'm very happy to be in the league.

And by the way, I have passed the "Udemy course of understanding the Steem Blockchain economy".

Do you have the information of me completing it?

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm interested in joining, thanks to the referral from @dragonblades

lovely, we are interested in having you, I have just added your name and you will be included in tomorrows post

Thanks for the shout out... Finally, I start to understand how it all works.
Still a long road to go.

Luck to all 👍💖

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hot dog and high five :-)