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RE: Hardfork complete but not as planned.

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If spam, farming, and self voting can destroy STEEM then it would have been dead long ago with @dart, @noganoo, and other bad actors.

@spaminator was defunded was asked to leave because, based on the opinion of a majority of the remaining community, this behavior is acceptable and should be downvoted by individuals if an individual disagrees with the behavior.

Unlike previous bad actors and with a few exception the accounts who had funds confiscated were powering down an leaving. Sure there is some bad behavior and porn memes are not welcome, removing the incentive to do it would stop some of it, and flagging to hide comments/posts do the rest. You could have taken the high ground and milked the PR for all it was worth.

Now you have created a bigger problems that using the downvote pool and a temporary flag war would have solved. Existing mechanisms coded into the block chain to solve these problems. Instead you and the other witnesses have proved that NO funds are safe in STEEM wallets and that the word of Justin Sun, yourself, and many other witnesses isn't worth a dime. You've also provided HIVE with enough free PR that, if used correctly, couldn't be paid for out of the DHF in the next year maybe two.

In about 4 weeks those like myself that haven't had their funds seized and no longer want to be on STEEM will have completely powered down and leave. What you still have no plans for is how to deal with the farmers & other potential bad actors that have no intention of leaving. $0.75 a post may not be much but multiply that by 100, 1000, or more a day. A quick search shows that coordinated farming accounts that have been dormant for over a year have returned to STEEM. Or are these accounts among those approved to farm? Who decides who can farm and self vote & who can't?

@crystalliu, @cool191, are all approved self voting & milking accounts I assume.

These accounts were easy to find. I haven't done any in depth data searches on STEEM in months.

Working out a community solution to downvote the seized accounts (known accounts) would have laid the groundwork for how to create guidelines on who is allowed to self vote, milk, etc. and deal with those who the community decides are not allowed to. Time spent developing tools to identify these unauthorized individuals & coordinated groups would help with other attacks as well. As far as I know there hasn't been a major phishing threat to STEEM recently, how do you plan to deal with it?

Without a functioning Steem blockchain there is no steemchiller.

Without exchanges and someplace to sell your STEEM/SBD there will be no steemchiller unless you want to fund it entirely out of your pocket. How many rounds of account confiscations by hard fork can be done before exchanges delist STEEM/SBD?

Steemit Inc & Justin's control (directly & indirectly) of SP went from 35% on 5/19 to 40% on 5/23. Further centralizing control. An SPS proposal for an account such as mottler would be a joke and pointless.

I just tell you how it is. I don't see good chances of getting the major stakeholders to vote for returning his funds.

Currently without Justin's vote nothing will be approved with the current SPS system.

I'm honestly baffled at the logic in play here. From your comments and the comments of other witnesses forking and confiscating funds is an acceptable practice that will continue to be used in the future. How can this be sustainable?

I've spent too long dwelling on this and how you, your fellow witnesses, and supporters can rationalize destroying STEEM with this action when all the previous spam, scam, fraud, hacks, phishing, & was weathered and even countered without the confiscation of property. All I can see by the numbers is that the recent actions taken have alienated more people wishing to remain community members, exchanges, and further centralized STEEM.

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