Steem competition:! Let's Talk Bitcoin! #335 - Was That Worth Paying For?

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I like Let's Talk Bitcoin! show very much. I am listening them for about 5 years now. Nowadays they rarely provide content, but reset episode came out and it was really really strange.

Meet Ryan's Post-Mortem and he is making It is social platform, there people making money by blogging. In the beginning of episode, Adam positioning as a competitor of Steem. Basically claimed, that Steem creation model is flawed somehow. Well, I'm intrigued, maybe I should be involved with then.

Let's Talk Bitcoin! 335 Image

That is

  • It is Medium with paywall.
  • Articles cost to read around 10 cents.
  • No token behind.
  • Using Litecoin as the payment mechanism + level two solution like lightning.
  • Except is is not lighting, this level two solution has one node called Oracle. Basically, it is one server for broadcasting payments.
  • They're saying that Steem model is complex.
  • is simple, you should just PAY for article.
  • Also, they plan to add more monetization features in the future to make it as complex as Steem.

You may think I'm trolling, but I tried to list key points creator himself talked about quite seriously. If you Steem fan - go listen this episode of LTB. You will be amazed how advanced Steem technology is.

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Sort Order: ? Doesn't sound to promising. Im a fan of steemit, but it might be a big challenge when a lot of competitors start to throw their blockchain-based steemit alternative on the market. Followed

Quite interesting. We can't say no for everything. If some one advised we need to research on that then one can say yes or no.

Anyway I will start my research on Yours.Org. Thanks mate. Upvoted you.

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