Epicenter #188 with William Mougayar. STEEM is mentioned a lot of times in a good way.

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Just listened the recent episode of Epicenter. I like the show very much, but they are very skeptical to STEEM for some reason. In the Episode #188 - Unpacking Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) with William Mougayar - investor, author, blogger who has been in the space for a long time - they discuss current challenges in ICO space. William Mougayar brought STEEM in conversation a couple times as an example of how thing should be done.

  • There is a lot ICOs in the space. STEEM did not have any ICO! It was mined into the existence. Bootstrapped with comparably small resources.
  • Practically all new projects have no product behind. Except STEEM!
  • These projects don't have any user base. Except STEEM!
  • These projects have no sense of reality. STEEM does!
  • There is no project in crypto space in which regular people, not geeks, of can be involved. Oh no. Except they forgot that STEEM is exists for over a year now.

It was a great episode. Very recommended for listening. I hope Epicenter someday will be cross posting their work on steemit.com, not just their own website.

Audio version: https://soundcloud.com/epicenterbitcoin/eb-188

Why would people invest in some strange ICO when there is real products with much lower risk of entering? STEEM, Bitshares, MaidSafe. They are all seemed to be undervalued in the current market conditions. Somehow people more appreciative an idea then the real thing.

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Yeah I think steem will blow up soon !

Good post pal!

Im super excited to see where Steem is in three years and be able to look back and know that I was here from the beginning!

Excellent, this should boost it's value. -Rubs hands together- Money money moneyyy :)


I don't think it could actually boost value right now, but it is good to observe how thoughtful and authoritative people bring STEEM in conversations not directly linked with STEEM itself.


I agree, the more publicity steem has the better. I'm fully investing in steem so I'm hoping for a good result :)

All of should believe in steem. We have potential to cross ethereum and even Bitcoin it just matter of time may be in near future.👍😇

100% upvote for you.