Common Traits Found Amongst Survival's : The Option

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Accept you past with regrets it is understandable,but handle your present with great pride and confidence for it is expected, missed importantly no issues but ensure to face your future without fear or trembling.

There is one common trait found amongst survivors, they are recilient and tough . precisely how do they deal with surffering, setbacks, rejections depression, sickness, adversity and disappointment?

The tenacity in some people is so great that nothing can hinder them from achieving what they have set out to achieve .

Most survivors believe that to concentrate on failures, setbacks, and regrets is a wasted effort,this attribute is very rare in humans .

Disappointment are not inherited from parents neither is it found in our DNA, disappointments are those bad element that try to undermine our focus and enthusiasm.They plague our reasoning and we find it difficult to achieve certain goals and aspirations in life .

With every mistake one become a better person, but when you regret consistently, then you have defeated your self-esteem and the person begins to retrogress.

Allways learn to rise above your obstacles by seeing an opurtiunity in every challenge and life's temptations .

Imagine if every person on earth threw themselves fully and completely into their positive obsessions without reservation, regret, or apology. Overnight the world would be a different and better place more productive with positive results, the stock will rise, production will increase, optimization of profit will be constant, geometric increae in infrastructural development, etc.

With everyone so focused on their own production and creating tnew ideas and their own success, there would be virtually no time for fights, malice, war, corruption, drugs, or other wasteful and unnecessary destruction.

We shall then all hit high levels of success previously thought unmiginable or impossible by us -and then we shall move forward to inspire each other to do more and be more.

Giving up is not an option, imagine if everyone on earth threw in the towel when they face difficulties or better still imagine if we all pursue our positive obsession without regret guilt or reservation, just imagine how far the world would have revolutionised.

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