RE: Hard Fork 21: A Case For the 50/50 Curation Reward Model

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Hard Fork 21: A Case For the 50/50 Curation Reward Model

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@crypto.piotr and @gandhibaba, good post and great thoughts. Did anyone realize that HF21 is going to happen without much of debate? That is what bothers me. It looks like the 50/50 plan appears to be a blunder knowingly deployed. If the idea is to stop bot voting in favor of authors them the 50/50 program does exactly the opposite.

This is bull idea and I don't think they should go ahead with it. But then again the proposal is voted by people to support those people ONLY. I doubt anyone is really thinking about the community.

I am happy to be proved wrong with the implementation. But honestly, would be more happy if it did not happen in the first place.

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Although I do not agree completely with your thoughts but you've made some vital contributions, which I very much appreciate. Cheers!

I am sure you wouldn't because your post already says so. But think from the perspective of those who buy bot votes. Assuming nobody else votes, the bot which votes on your article takes 50% of the cut.. Now, not owners will close down their bots or build more? And if the answer is the latter would it be good for Steemit? That's my question. Anyway, I myself use bot votes, so just saying.

Please feel free to express your opposition. Opposition does not make you my enemy but allows me to know you better. And that's definitely good... 😊 😊

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Of course, @Oivas opposition does not mean that we are enemies. And I will also like to know you better. I do not agree that 50/50 will completely empower bots as you put it. Yes, bots will earn more from curation but will bidders find such business lucrative? The answer is a NO. Using bots after a 50/50 is introduced will make the bidders LOSE their money because you will need at least a 50% ROI from the bots to make any profit. And with that, only a few people will be able to use the bots within a voting round. That will make vote buying less attractive for the bidders and even for the bots owner because, in theory, there will be too many bidders chasing a few bots within a limited time. I trust this meets you well, friend.

Fair point. So two things can happen. Either people stop using bots altogether (favorable situation) OR more bots will spring up to cater to demand and the possibility of making Steem during bids (unfavorable situation). Let's see what happens.. 😊

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Dear @oivas

It looks like the 50/50 plan appears to be a blunder knowingly deployed.

You nailed it buddy!

Thank you for accepting my invitation.

I realized just now that I never actually thanked you for your amazing comment. I appreciate your time :)

Have a great monday.