That can only be done once every 31 days or so. I'll look into it and maybe post another article about that if I'm successful.

its been 9 months but i reallly love this artcle and it makees me reliegved that if my account ever gets hacked, i can get it back! because if a majorty of steemit witnesses notcied a whale account was hacked, they COULD override the blockchai if t was like everyone against 1 hacker right? Like all the steemit witnesses can help get an account back to someone who gets hacked, as long as they havetheir recet password right? so as long as u find out ur account is hacked BEFORE 30 days passes by, you will be able to get it back if u have ur passwor right?

VERY cool news!

how cani make sure my trustee is

if i signedup with the normal way like i did, i should be fine right?

basicaly i LOVE knowing i can ttrust the whales and @dan and the steemit "miners" or witnesses to have my back!

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