The first chicken or egg, Quantum Physics gave the answer

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The first egg came on or the hen had a debate between Greek thinkers in ancient times and no one was there.
Over the centuries, this question stays in the minds of scientists and philosophers. Can you tell who came first?
You will say that the egg will be asked the question of who gave the egg to
And if you say that chicken Then the same question will be asked again when the chicken came from where it came from.
You will say yes, then it means that the egg came before the chicken. But again the same question that the chicken got out of the egg, but the egg from which it came out came from where it came from.
You will scratch your head and become upset, but you will not get the answer to this question.

But now scientists from Queensland University in Australia and NEEL Institute in France have claimed to prove it that according to quantum physics both eggs and chicken have come first.

Jacqui Romero, physicist of the ARC Center of Excellence for Quantum Engineering Systems at Queensland University, said, "Quantum mechanics means that it can happen without any regular order."
He says, "Take the example of your daily commute, where you travel a few miles away from the train, you usually take it first and then train or vice versa."
He says that in our research both things can be first, which is considered 'the order of causes of uncertainty', we do not see it in our daily lives. "

What scientists did
In order to see this effect in the laboratory, researchers used a configuration called Photonic Quantum Switch.
Romero said, "With the quantum switch, the order of two events in our research depends on which is called control."

Take the example of the bits of the computer whose value is 0 or 1. In our research, if the control value is 0 then 'A' is before 'B' and if the control value is one then 'A' The first 'b' will be. "
"What happens is that in Quantum Physics, we can have bits in the superposition (the process of setting one thing over one), which means that their value is 0 and 1 at the same time. Therefore, in a certain sense we can Can say that the values ​​of bits are undefined. "

"And because of the precise value of the control, which dictates the order, we can say that there are undefined orders between 'A' and 'B' incidents."
Generally speaking, 'A' happens before 'B' or 'B' will be before 'A', only one of these can be true.
But reality is different in Quantum Physics. "If these two manifestations can come true, then we get what we know as an undefined volatile order."
Due to eating an egg in the day, stay away from diseases
Role of Photons
The conversion appears in the research or changes in the size of the light particles or the size of the photon (eg donut or flower size).
Romero told the BBC, "This change depends on the properties of optical polarization."

In this research, 'A' and 'B' are converted into photons and the order in which these changes occur, they control the optical polarization.

There are many possibilities of size change but there is also a limit to the correlation of this conversion and polarization option. During the research we broke that border and then we came to the conclusion that there is a precarious order between 'A' and 'B'.

Speed ​​of computer can increase
This research is the proof of a theory, but it can be used at a larger level, such as making computers more efficient or improving communication.

Romero said, "A research was conducted in Vienna in which it was displayed that there are advantages of this uncertain order in a kind of calculation."
"In fact, it is necessary to have two particles in any calculation, but only one particle can be done with a quantum switch."
Another advantage that makes me very excited is the principle of Julio Kiribella in which he showed that communication with many interfaces is possible with the help of quantum switches.

For example, the noise coming in the telephone line by which the audience is completely confused. Romero and his colleagues used egg and chicken paradox to explain their research.

My four-year-old son feels that when he sleeps, the sun rises. So in a certain sense, you can say that the reason and its effect is a way of connecting things so that the world counts for us.

The egg and chicken are actually an analogy to be given. It is often asked who came first and we are experimenting with this research that what happens first.

Surely both events are the first.
This research was published in the Society of American Physics Magazine Physical Review Journal - American Physical Society.


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