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I Gave Most of my Steem/SBD Earnings Away Here

in steem •  2 months ago 

Glad you are staying. BTW, I noticed that you're becoming more and more stingy with who you follow, down to just 5. I'm too lazy to unfollow people unless they annoy me with spammy posts multiple times a day.

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Yes, I got into the habit of occasionally reviewing my follow list and systematically make changes in order to reduce the volume in my feed. I add or remove people for a variety of reasons though, those who I take the time to interact with, but never or rarely do the same for me, I get rid of. I'm not the type who begs for or chases after or in real life.

I also remove people who have stopped posting for an extended period of time, but sometimes keep them to possibly catch them in my feed if they start posting again. 'You' I would probably always keep, even if you quit altogether, lol.

WOW, I'm honored to be a part of such a short list!