The Steemit Test: What's in my heart?

in steem •  2 years ago

After one account flagged all my posts, subsequently getting over my exasperation & leaving the defend/attack behind, it was time for me to introspect my flagging behaviour. i.e. my passive & active reactions to my receiving a flag.

Case A

Post flagged.

Flaggers engage me & explain their viewpoint.


Soon after I began tracking voting patterns on my posts, I noticed downvotes on a post. Demonstrating jeuvenile EQ, I indignitantly reacted to a perceived wrong. Every flagger that I reached out to, gave me clear, unambiguous reason/(s) for the flags.



  • Lost focus
  • Missed opportunities to post on some current hot button issues at that time.

Heart, Emotions

  • Pride, unforgiveness
  • Recovered from my response with a realization that a downvote is the nature of the beast, just like an upvote is.
    If I did not whinge for an upvote, why be a cry baby for some personal downvotes?
  • Self-righteousness
  • Self-pity

Case B

All my recent posts are flagged by one person or bot.

No direct response from the flagger.

Sniper, Aleksandr Salamatin

@asshole has begun flagging all my recent posts. To understand why @asshole recommenced the flagging of all my posts, I queried @asshole. Unsure of whether @asshole is a human or a bot, I also shared the query on & on @Steemit Facebook groups. At the time of posting this article, @asshole has not yet responded. Now my comments are also being flagged at 5%, as well.


  • Wasted time

Heart, Emotions

The Steemit Test

How a Steemian reacts to a downvote or flag is a barometer of the state of their heart..

Echo & Narcissus, 1903, John William Waterhouse, illustrating the Echo and Narcissus poem from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

While we welcome upvotes, whether or not the content is read and/or viewed, a downvote or flag is the one action that raises hackles:
  • Ad hominem: A downvote/flag is perceived as a personal attack. For the artists, original writers, poets & photographers their creations are like their children. Worse than tongue lashing a spouse, is demeaning a parent's children.

  • Reputation: A flag by someone with a higher reputation score can affect the reputation of another with a lower reputation score. Especially for those who have just joined the platform at a reputation score of 25, even one flag can be extremely discouraging.

  • Content masking: A flag can downvote content. A downvote tells the result of the community that the flagged content is not with the community's time.

        Steemit's Steem is based on both upvoting  or downvoting, according to 
        the will of the voter. 
        No caveats. 
Any content producer (commenter or post authour) should be prepared both mentally & emotionally to:
  • Take, downvotes/flags, on their chins.
  • Not to take the flag personally.
  • Develop a personal framework on how to deal with a flag, in the same way as a fire fighter is prepped for a forest fire, a policeman is prepared to handle a crowd, a medic is trained how to handle trauma, etc.


The quicker a Steemian's attitude becomes accomodating, heart begins tenderizing, skin thickens & EQ exponentially improves, the more a Steemian will maximize his own satisfaction in the community.

         1. Tender heart, tough skin preferably Teflon sheated.
         2. Eschewing Narcissistic self-righteousness & self-pity.

How a Steemian fares on the Steemit Test determines the impact of the Steemit Rule for an invidual Steemian.

The Steemit Rule

The condition of your heart after being flagged determines your satisfaction on Steemit.

What do you think, @Steemit community?

The inspiration for The Steemit Test came from George Gilder's Israel Test & Bishop Jean's comment.
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I feel sad.....! This downvote action without reason is like evil or criminal behaviour.


Though anyone has a right to downvote/flag as much as they can upvote, downvoting on a whim without assigning any reason does not seem right.


Yes, downvoted without reason is bad behaviour.

I thought this have been sorted before..this person flagging is back.


Unfortunately, @immarojas, there's a new @asshole on the loose: @htooms

Must be another @asshole :) because I already muted the other one ....oh well there are so many around that I cant count them all


Prepare for @htooms tomorrow, @mammasitta.
Still cannot understand why there are accounts whose sole purpose seems to be to flag.

As a minnow trying to understand the insane wars, overvalued/undervalued posts and wanting answers that deal with whales flagging I have created trouble for myself. My questions > comments were downvoted. Poof, these whales make them disappear for what reason? I won't be muzzled and told them I was creating a blog about this. The next day I got 5 downvotes from this gang of whales on my blog. Are you kidding me? I had a little more than a dollar of rewards so it wasn't about my post being over valued. It was to shut me up, again. I am struggling with what's going on and I'm open to answers but people who don't want to communicate about issues but, only, show brute force (downvotes) to make my post disappear tells me that something is terribly wrong with Steemit.
I loved what the founders created and the Steemit community, but a few SP Whales gaming the system is all it takes to create a miserable environment for the minnows and dolphins who aren't in the loop > getting their daily auto upvotes < on their posts. What a subtle way to shut up their "cool kids" and ignore what the community feels or think of getting devalued, downvoted and talked down to.
I am all for this abit's experiment. No one cared what new people thought on steemit and no one cared if they left. Now, it all comes out about the whales and the whale's daily upvotes for certain steemians. I didn't get what all the fuss was about with the experiment but it makes sense. But, then again I am new and there could be more layers to this. Fore now.... thank you @abit for daring to be unpopular. Maybe a good discussion can come out and we can move ahead for the multitudes who should have access to Steemit. I know I have a lot to learn but this is how it appears to me, at present.


My suggestion would be to plough on; full steam ahead. Post the content that meets your own personal standards & do not bother about anything else. That's what I'm attempting to do. Hope that this helps, @pitterpatter


Thank you. I am a curious person and a lot of what is going on with Steemit is troubling to me. I know if I keep my head down I will get in the "in crowd" but I am looking for a platform to shine on that @ned and @dan promoted. I think I came to the right place but all this automatic upvoting for certain people (no matter what is posted) doesn't sound like the same thing that broght me here. How do I deal with that?


Ignore the downvoting/flagging.
Post your own content: especially content that you yourself are proud of & Steem on.
Here's one way to succeed on Steemit.
What do you think? @pitterpatter


I think you are right. Thank you.

I answered your gold question here due to nesting issues.
I'm not looking to sell steem, but to buy it.
I don't see why folks wouldn't want to trade steem for paper gold, provided they trust your company.


Thank you, @freebornangel
Goldmoney provides an option to buy gold using bitcoin & ethereum.

Likewise, would there be a possibility to buy gold with Steem directly?
Goldmoney is not a gold ETF. All Goldmoney gold is held under bailment, in the name of Goldmoney account holders, by Goldmoney's vault custodians like Brinks & Loomis.