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With the odds stacked against him, very unlikely.
He should have quit when was still ahead, but not playing is the smartest thing to do to begin with. Or investing in the bankroll (y), long term profits are almost guaranteed since the game is rigged.

As an investor i don't complain since we need more naive people like that. Gambling is a tax on stupidity. And a good way to make money for the owners of the casino.

But it's not that you are transparent to people. If you would be honest then you would have to show also the biggest losses publicly. Only showing the winners without the losers while it's basically intended to let players lose their money in the first place, that's kind of unethical. Because it's not transparent at all. But i get it, we need more dumb people and by making them greedy it usually works well as a marketing strategy. And they know the odds are stacked against them. I think a lot of people don't understand how probabilities work but it's their own responsibility to do research.