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RE: My version of Steem is NOT content based, It is Contribution based.

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I think steemit needs a bit of Facebook, a bit of magazine, a bit of newspaper, a bit of sports etc. it is a bit too disorganized. Sectioning it a bit more than tags will be helpful to me. Say I want to see bitcoin news and not opinions of someone with a reputation of -12, I should be able to click on something.


While we have people being flagged for personal reasons, or because someone does not agree with them, I do not like your idea.

It wasn’t put up for someone to like or dislike it. It is there to be part of an important discussion. Just an idea. Ideas have value in being ideas, not in likes or dislikes.

Really? How can it be part of a discussion if we are not allowed to stand for or against the idea (which comes back to, like or dislike). So, dislike my comment if you want, but it is not outside the scope of what is being discussed. If you don't like being contradicted, the safest is to stay quiet.

Arthur, I really don’t want this to go any further because it is pointless. There is too much fraud on this platform. It is really not worth my time talking about anything good or bad on this platform. Have a great new year.

I agree. Part of what I said is for the love of debating points, but I do not want to go forward into a new year with this waiting for us tomorrow. Anyway, my main argument was put forward elsewhere (I see it at the end of this page) and I guess I'll get slaughtered for it tomorrow...

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2018

(PS: I checked and saw you have made some very interesting posts, so, I hope you don't mind, as I suffer from a bad memory and want to remember to check some of them, I clicked on Follow.)

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