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That rocks @ned! I'm really looking forward to the coming changes to make onboarding new users simpler. It will be a great thing for the ecosystem when that's a friction free process. Steem has solved a couple of monumental usability problems already, between crypto wallet management and transaction fees that turn broad classes of users off. When account creation "just works", we're going to see great things. Keep trucking, you guys/gals are doing a great thing.

würde uns freuen wenns mal vorbeikommst lg

Ned, any chance of getting the Devs to work on improving the Steemit user interface, thus making the platform more user friendly, possibly by adding clickable icons to other Steem related areas, such as DTube, Dlive, DSound, etc. These could be easily added to the left or right blank spaces on the mainpage, as could scrolls on recent liked posts, etc. I love the platform, just would like to see some colorful improvements that might help make it overall more accessible and user friendly for the general public, therefore perpetuating growth of the platform. Wondering if that is possible and if you guys have any future plans regarding such? Kind regards.