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I like how the assumption is the HF21 is done and perfect and already accepted by the witnesses.

Oh wait, none of that has happened. Seriously guys, this is amateur hour. It's fine to start spinning up future projects but you also have to actually finish the other ones.


The witnesses are still free to come to us and tell us that they want a change made to the release candidate. We will then inform them how long it would take to code these changes and estimate the delay, if there is any. The code in HF21 was based entirely on our communications with the witnesses. They have clearly communicated their consensus behind the changes that are included in the release candidate. There is nothing left for us to do unless the witnesses change their minds. Which they are free to do.

It is sounding more and more like the top 20 witness may not the best choice to be making decisions for a community. or maybe i misread. Steem Inc though has little time when the voice has little stake powered up.

Have I missed where HF21 is done and operating?

My point is you guys have not crossed the finish line. Witnesses haven't approved anything until they are running the code. HF21 isn't done unless or until it is approved and working.

We all know HF20 was a disaster and don't want to see a repeat. WIth a HF pending, it is not the time to have "Steemit blockchain team has shifted their focus entirely" to anything.

And like I said, I understand project management and starting up projects without dependencies. The point everyone is freaking out about is that it sounds like you're going to blow HF21 like you did with HF20 by not paying attention to it as per @pibara's comment.

HF21 is in a testing phase and we will absolutely address any necessary bugs (if any) that are identified by us, witnesses, or other developers during this testing phase. We will also need to give exchanges an appropriate amount of time to upgrade before the hardfork date. In the meantime, it’s full Steem ahead on development for SMTs. We aren’t waiting around to get started on this - in fact, SMTs have been back in active development for over a week now.

Justin, are you guys working with the Steem-engine and SCOT teams to see how SMTs and SCOT can complement one another and learn from each other? I mean, there might already be things they’ve developed that you can use.

There is no way they would do that. SMTs and SCOT tokens are in direct competition. SCOT will either grow to be so much more sophisticated in capabilities to SMT that people keep using them, or they will be discontinued.

In all likelihood, Steem Engine will go on to become a layer 2 solution just like most sidechains are doing now such as Loom, Blocknet, Matic. Steem Engine will still be very valuable as a market for trading crypto and also for interoperability between Steem SMTs and all the other blockchains.

HF21 is in a testing phase and we will absolutely address any necessary bugs

How about a simple bug, I can't change my profile photo since the wallet was moved to separate page?! it loops to login and back

@alexs1320 - you use your active key or master password to change your profile picture in the wallet. One of the changes proposed in this hardfork is to allow a posting authority to update these settings - assuming this hard fork is accepted, we will be able to move that functionality back to the social side at some point shortly after the hard fork.

I would like to, I've done it once already, but something was wrong several times.
I'll try again in a couple of hours.


This isn't linked to the blockchain. This is linked to the front ends. If you want to change your profile pic and isn't working try or steempeak

Sorry, I forgot, Steemit is not Steem and this is only Beta version :D

Testing phase?
did you see any articles about testing of any witnesses?
End User testing, that is, not unit testing, that your code is running with Jenkins.

I'm deja vu all over again.

But really the community and the top20 block producers should be making some decisions and giving input on what they want changed. I don't mind them moving to work on SMT in the meantime.

Like I said somewhere, I think it's the completely shifting focus that is making everyone flip out (including me)

"I'm completely shifting my focus" is a good sentence for a 6 years old kid. "I don't want to be an astronaut, I'll be NBA star"

I'm pretty sure it's like one programmer switching to work on SMT

... andrarchy and some others I'm sure are free to chat about HF21 if the top 20 wanna chat. Let the dang programmer go work on SMT instead of sit around just because it makes us "Feed Good"

So who is responsible for HF21 contingency planning? Who is responsible for defining and quantifying success and failure? Steemit Inc? The top witnesses? Both? Noone?

Yeah one step at a time guys and gals! Lets see this HF first!!!!

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