Giving Away 500 Steem To One Random Person

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So you've read the title. That's pretty much it aside from a few rules that I'll implement to make this a bit fairer, nothing too major, but essentially just ensuring that the 500 Steem will go to someone that will actually use it rather than sell it, or someone that's actually in need of the Steem Power as opposed to someone that already has quite a bit.

Steem is a great platform but it's suffering drastically. We have changes coming that are supposed to fix a few issues, but who knows? Perhaps these changes benefit smaller users and result in positive market movements and more users, perhaps they don't. Either way, people need Steem to perform certain actions on the network. Resource Credits are beneficial. To have those, you need Steem Power. That's where I come in with this giveaway. Nothing too major, but enough to get someone small going.

Steem has plenty of whales. Most aren't really doing anything to distribute the wealth or play their part in the bigger picture. Some are, and are doing some great things in attempting to raise Steem awareness and ensure things play out as intended; distributing wealth and promoting curation. My giveaway probably won't be anything particularly huge, but it sends the message that even those with smaller accounts can do a better job. My Steem is worth nothing if your Steem is worth nothing, understand? Working together generates growth.

If you're a high SP individual and reading this, feel free to Resteem and get a few more eyes on this post. You may not be eligible, but many of your followers may very well be.

Now that's over:

I want you to tell my why you would want 500 Steem, and what you would do with it. Who would it benefit? Why you? What are you doing to curate content? Are you creating your own content as well? What is that content? Essentially, sell yourself in the comments here. It won't end there, however. I will be checking the comments and looking at the content people post, checking on their curation habits and seeing who really is doing their best to grow on here, alongside other users. I'm not looking for stellar content, I'm not looking for specific content. I'm looking at what stands out the most.

  • High reputation helps, as there will be a certain threshold between what's eligible and what isn't. New accounts, obviously, will be ignored.
  • Your current Steem Power will be considered.
  • Your actions on the network will be considered; a person that donates their tiny stake to bid bots won't be seen in a higher note than those who don't. That just tells me you'll continue with the 500 Steem you receive.
  • All types of content are fine, but I will be checking on it and seeing the effort put in as well as the rewards you typically receive.

There's currently no due date for you to submit yourself, I'll be making another post at a later date announcing who will receive the Steem. Understandably 500 Steem isn't a lot in today's market, but remember that it very well could be once things change. It could easily serve as the foundations to growing an account once the 50/50 reward split kicks in.

I haven't done anything like this before, so don't get upset if I fuck up a little and remember a worthy rule or make some changes to the competition. Either way, someone is still going to receive 500 Steem for free.

That's all for now, have fun.

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It has now been 7 days and the comments have slowed down significantly. Since the last was posted 19 hours ago, I will only accept them for another 5 more hours. After that, I will no longer consider new posts and will begin the process of picking a winner, alongside a few extra gifts; this will be announced in another post.

Good luck to you all. :D

wow. I can believe I missed this rare ooportunity, sadly I just saw the post after 10days

I guess I am surprised at the fact that nobody thought of us. @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal both the accounts and the discord .
while we help so many people each day. To be honest whatever sea mamel you are , everybody would love 500 steem for free, but if it’s just to power up your account come on, we can do so much more with it. Look at the Red Fish rally we do !
And all the people we teach in our steemterminal discord for NOTHING, every single day, well I guess I am just surprised.

ummm... I'll fifth it then?!

Oh no, I upvoted you, not you're 'second-ing' again ;P

I will second that @namiks, as I have watched many new Steemians get massively more exposure through @brittandjosie and @xcountytravelers and @heyhaveyamet and also many new Steemians getting some awesome guidance from @thekittygirl and @medromartin and @wesphilbin from @SteemTerminal to get them pointed in the right direction.

And you provide much guidance and support there, too, @jamerussell 😉

This team where you are part of too is doing their utmost and needs recognition!
Thank you for the shout out @jamerussell


Did I beat YOU

I thought you were on a very long plain flight so I guess I took a chance hihih

Tomorrow morning!

Fourth!! :0)

I six it! We could use the to get more new the help they need. So glad you all saw this! I have been trying to figure out how to help more and this would be perfect.


Heyhaveyamet is quite a cool thing. Keep up the amazing work!

@steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet nominated! ❤️

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Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why you're not using some of the SP you have to delegate and support those initiatives?

Hi @namiks , Great question out of curiosity , well Nobody asked me! but I give away all my comments and votes every day to the cause and do so much beside my own account and we are pretty successful that way and with the coming fork that might be an option but I am not running a GIVEAWAY you are!
I answered your question from this blog being :
I want you to tell my why you would want 500 Steem, and what you would do with it.
And I answered:
And if you give the 500 either to @steemterninal or
@heyhaveyamet and ask me nicely I will delegate !
Good luck choosing
And well done
Love some sparring questions!


A wonderful thing to offer

Between my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, as well as being a Moderator for the @steemterminal and writer for the @steembasicincome Group, I try to spread positive energy on the Blockchain, through helping Steemians "amplify their awesome" as well as showcasing prominent members of the #sbi initiative. If I were to recieve this wonderful gift, I would divide it, and share to the communities that I have mentioned, to continue providing much needed positive energy and love. Thank you for offering to help others, and thank you for your consideration.


Hey @namiks.

I really appreciate you from whole heart for taking this big step and generously offering steem.

I am here shamelessly nominating myself for the opportunity.
Who don't love to recieve the 500 steem..huh 😛.

I have joined the steem in this year January and didn't stopped single day to post or curate till now. I am from India so I tried to connect all the people from my country and increased the organic engagement on each other account.

Like you, I too worry sometimes that big whales are not playing active role in encouraging or motivating newbies or good content creators, but I want to start change it from myself by helping every newbie I came across.

I have also started curation from @steemindian with little delegation by few to benefit the people who create content and in need of support. The community is around with 60 active Steemians who promote steem.

The prize steem if I win will be powered up and to reward more people to encourage quality of content they produce here.

I am also curator of Appics posts of Steemians. I will curate minimum 10-20 posts on the platform everyday which are best.

You can check my activity in the below by @steemitboard. I have given 10000 upvotes in this short span of time of 6 months, That much active I am on the platform. I have also reached Reputation of 60 in this period of time because of constant support of members.

As the upcoming of 50:50 split, this reward for me do great benefit for the all the members I curate.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my work on the platform. All the best to whoever win this ☺️

I appreciate all the effort you have put together to create a community to support newbies. It's not shameless bro, it's selfless. Being a member of the @steemindian community, I know how you helped each and everyone including me. All the best @hungryharish and keep steeming.

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Thank you brother. I will give my constant support for every steemians who in need.

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Understandably 500 Steem isn't a lot in today's market, but remember that it very well could be once things change.

Hello?? Five hundred is a lot of steem! I am a died in the wool Steemian and continue to grow every day. I enjoy the interaction among everyone, especially true and genuine back and forth.

I can honestly say that I try to help, in small ways and perhaps they are too small to count, but, I like to encourage commenting and so I upvote and tip every comment that takes the time to read my posts.

I host the #MarketFriday challenge (although people refer to it as MarketWeekend as we accept entries from any day!) :) I upvote and tip anyone who comes over and comments and I ask them to drop the link to their post there so that I can visit the post they made for the challenge, then upvote, resteem and comment on theirs. I do run down my voting power, so sometime I must give only .10 but, I try to make it up with a tip or bigger tip.

Saying that, I belong to #Powerhousecreatives, which is a wonderful place that encourages and helps many grow! That should have been my first mention, but, I was thinking individual.

Do I deserve it more than anyone? I think that anyone who is helping people grow is a great candidate! I just hope that is me! :)

!tip .20

A very kind and amazing person. I really love the #MarketFriday. I hope more end of joining it out of seeing about here. It’s quite easy for anyone to make a post for and they are very inviting.

Thank you xo

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I would like to nominate @classical-radio. It is a curation account that I run to help curate music and music related posts in the #classical-music, #jazz and #folk music tags. These are types of music that normally get overlooked on the STEEM blockchain as they are not quite as visible as other forms of music. It's a project that I've run for quite some time through good times and bad times... just plugging away, helping others grow their accounts slowly over time. It's a pretty niche genre though...

Roughly 70% percent of it's liquid post earnings go straight to the featured musicians. It isn't a lot... but it is something.

Very cool project that I often don’t check out enough. Bengy is quite passionate about music! It’s nice to see stuff like this on Steem.

Thaks for the support!

How very generous @namiks! Very cool thing to do! :-)
Congratulations to who receives this awesomeness!
I could sure use a boost to help give more than a dust level vote.
Tho I'm sure many other awesome steemians are more deserving
of the SP than myself.

I curate for boulders, rocks, mountains, cool art and photography
that catches my eyes, especially shadows. I like helping where I can.
I like supporting a few contests like @melinda010100's shadow
contest, @googlyeyes, @tattoodjay's walk, @whatisnew's butterflies
and a number of others.

I have really been enjoying this wonderful community Steem has.
If I'm not chosen please consider my friend @whatisnew!

I love me some @shasta! Great contests in this list. yum

Wow! Cool thing you're doing here. Resteemed for more exposure.

Can I invite some people?
@dkkarolien, @cicisaja, @anouk.nox, @fionasfavourites, @drippingdrizzles, @borjan, @kayda-ventures, @tryskele, @extractum-lunae, @theartofori
Come over and take a look

And I second the nomination of @brittandjosie: @steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet have helped so many new people already.... They can use a little extra - they definitely deserve it

Thank you for the mention @simplymike. I endorse your suggestions. I would love to have nominated myself as I keep on wanting to do some extra curation - especially of noobs - but things keep on running away from me...

but things keep on running away from me…

What do you mean?

My schedule with its interruptions... I😱

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Thank you. ;)

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You're welcome :0)

Thank you

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You're welcome ;0D

Thank you, friend! ☺️


Greetings! @namiks it is my pleasure to read your wonderful articles by helping small fishes like plankton. I will never regret this wonderful plan to my account I started since 2017 and I am in-active in 1 year and a half and now I am back and keep steeming. My plan now is to powering up my account which is I did last month at present. as you can see I am now hitting my first 300SP and I will never power down till I hit dolphin so I can now support the small fishes as well. Hope my plan guide to my goal and help as to reach the plan in the future for the brighter community supporter in the future. Thank you and good luck to all of us.

500 steem is a lot to me 🙈 I’d love to be considered. My husband @contrabourdon has completely converted me into a Steemian. We joke about it a lot. I’m relatively new to it, but I’m here to invest and stay and learn. There’s so much to learn but I’m getting there! I’m focusing on creating original content that I hope entertains, educates and inspires others. I’ve been posting carefully prepared content each day and even entered into some of the fun contests on here. I make an effort to curate content and upvote those who are posting good stuff. Good on you for encouraging the bigger picture and supporting others.

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I had been joining contests that rewards winners with SBI, Steem and SP delegation so I can grow my account and help those who have the patience to grow too. 500 Steem can add up to my SP and thus help curate and encourage these small Steemians especially those who are just starting and may give up in a week because no one noticed them. I am running a doodle drawing contest with a very small reward for the winner.The aim is really to encourage these new Steemians to engage daily and avoid the possibility of giving up. I see some of my participants holding on and slowly powering up their SP and that is the best reward I could gain.

@namiks what an awesome initiative.

I would LOVE 😍 500 Steem to help me grow my account so much more! I create all of my own content. I post my own photos that I take daily. I try and comment and upvote and Resteem where I can and to be as active as I can. Some days I manage others I don't get to as many as I would have like to get to. I currently have some delegations which I've worked for pretty hard but we all know and accept that it's only a temporary measure. 😁 It is however MUCH appreciated as it helps so much with more upvoting power and growing in general. I have a Steem dream and I'm working hard to accomplish it. ❤️ Thank you @simplymike for alerting me to this. I nominate @heyhaveyamet @steemterminal @bhattg @wesphilbin @minnerz22 look here. Definitely resteeming! Awesomeness even if I don't get chosen it's an amazing thing to offer someone else and I hope I can do that in future. 😁

thank you very much for nominating me, your above words shows how you feel about the people like us in this platform.
you a kind heart person 👌⁦✌️⁩

Wow. Great initiative. Hopefully my content is sufficient to go in the running. I myself would be happy just to get some 1% trail votes for my 3-5 posts a day. I don't expect anyone to give up their hard earned money on me, but a little trickle would more than suffice.

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Hi @namiks
Excellent initiative friend, it will certainly be a great benefit that you will give to another person that I hope is the lucky one. I started publishing on steemit in January 2018, already more than a year and a half and continued with the same enthusiasm and motivation that I had from day one.
As for the people who would benefit from the allocation of the 500 SP, those of the group of poets I have been sponsoring with the lyric poetry contest that is already in its edition 19 and has distributed prizes in SBI and small cash contributions.
As for the content daily I participate in the round sponsored by @mariannewest of #freewrite and #weekendfreewrite, in addition to the challenge of of #zapfic, contributions with Haiku in the contests of @bananafish and @vdux And the writing challenges of @jayna. In addition to publications referring to the word of God directed to the community of #steemchurch and steemit.
All this can be verified on my blog.
Thanking you for your consideration.


Thank you for the kind words, @felixgarciap! While I am taking a break from running challenges, I hope to be back!

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This is so nice!!! Im working myself up to 500sp right now! I power all my post and just live of the tribe's tokens 🤗 im excited to be able to say that all my sp has come from post rewards and that taking into account that i dont post as often as i should!

Any ways i love this idea and i thank you so mich! For being so generous!

Im not nominating myself tho i think @zaxan would be very deserving of this!

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oh really appreciate the support dear Victoria ♥
I need to start reading more about this kind of contest! Really amazing people.

And yeah i will be really happy to make more and more power up with some extra steem! Hope i win this giveaway ♥

  ·  last month (edited)


I know I can't qualify. So I don't ask. But, can I nominate my neighbor, lady @eglep, who I have introduced to steemit some time ago? And who keeps me surprising with her passion, with just a small simple smartphone camera. All can be seen in her blog, @eglep

  1. I want you to tell me why you want 500 Steems, and what will you do with it? I was introduced to steemit by @andykarma to get basic income in cryptocurrency, despite the limited capital, by building a community for small investments to grow together, and for four months we managed to invite 11 people to create a free steemit account and buy steem power, on average not yet there are those who understand very well cryptocurrency especially steemit so it needs continuous education. Enthusiasts began to increase there are 80 people who are waiting for a free steemit account successfully created. A week ago there was a question from a member of @wongbraling who posted with a vote value below 0.02 $ did not get an author reward after 7 days, I immediately took the initiative to add steem power to 500 so that I could vote for community members who later just joined steemit and only investing 100 steem power and not yet smart to create interesting content that can get a lot of votes, so all those who have just joined steemit are always diligent in posting despite various limitations.

  2. Who benefits? New members of the community that we invite and do not fully understand steemit, have not been able to create good content, with an investment of 100 steem power, so that at least they can get an author reward of 0.02 $.

  3. Why you? I want to enlarge the community together with friends who have the same vision and mission, get basic income and insight about cryptocurrency, especially in Steemit.

  4. What do you do to create content? I tried various ways by copying, and began to find patterns of themes according to my interests and pleasure.

  5. Do you also make your own content? Yes

  6. What content is that? The point. Tutorial content makes a steemit account and how to invest and withdraw in the language, as well as a variety of content that I like.

Best Regards

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Yes. 👍👍👍

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This post was resteemed by @minnowresteemr!

Send a min of 0.001 STEEM/SBD with post in memo for a resteem.

Follow me to support other Minnows!

You can upvote this notification to help all Minnows in the future.

Wow ! lots of comments ! :)

GodSpeed to All 💙 ♬♬

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I would love to be considered for your SP boost.
You say 500 isn't a lot, Today I have just gotten to 410 SP, so for me 500SP is massive.
I'm not going anywhere for a long time, so I don't plan to withdraw any Steem. I want to power up, I want to power up so much that instead of even being given the 500SP. I would show my commitment to the platform and be more than gracious with a SP Delegation. The delegation alone would help me get on step closer to becoming a dolphin.

Thank you for helping to support our community, may the best man or woman win!

Greetings! @namiks my answer why I need 500 steem I need steem to power up my account so I can support thefor community as well. Like newbies like me. Thank and good luck steem on!

Resteeming this so those who are limited in RC/Mana, new, and whatnot, would take the opportunity.

I'm not eligible or would rather it go to someone that can use it. Well done. I'll resteem it for sure. I certainly try to help minnows where I can and when I can. Hats off to you.

500 steem isn't much?!!!! I've been working my tail off for nearly a year now to get my sp up to 500 - I'm almost there!

I love this place. I don't care so much about the money or my worth, I care about the people. Many many of them have supported little ole me for no reason other than that they are good and kind.

Interacting with folks from all over the world has enriched my life tremendously. I've learned so much! I've started writing, something I told myself for decades I could not do. In addition, the need for images has gotten me taking photographs, and a pursuit that never even interested me is now an obsession, the good kind.

My strategy at the moment is to get my sp to 500, then delegate any excess to the communities I have come to love: @freewritehouse, @naturalmedicine, @bananafish, @steemitbloggers, @theluvbug, @homesteaderscoop and others. So far I have made only one tiny delegation to dustbunny because I thought that would increase the value of my upvotes on comments by OTHERS, but it has turned out to benefit only me. I'd take that back if only I could figure out how!

And I would dearly love to be able to upvote comments on my and others posts, not only the posts themselves, because I love to get into conversations about the pieces. A higher upvote value for myself would enable me to do that more lavishly

Were I to be the chosen lucky steemian, I'd probably keep enough of this to get my upvote value to .01 and delegate the rest to the folks who have not only kept me afloat, but also sometimes given me wings.

Thank you for your consideration!

As usual a great idea!

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Schools in Developing countries should embrace steemit for their students. Not only the schools page would benefit with the posts, but specially the kids will find more benefit when writing their homeworks in here. Plus, they will interact in a healthy way :) let me know what you think of this idea, because I live in Brazil and there’s a huge, huge demand for innovation here. Cheers , Mauro Motta.

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It is very generous to offer this gift. I propose that you keep the 500 Steem and that you offer 500 shares of @steembasicincome SBI. You will have 500 shares and you will be able to offer the 500 others to 50 people ?? Why not ??

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I have no interest in personally gaining from this little giveaway. And truthfully I can't see how that would really benefit anyone in any substantial manner. There are people that deserve to get rewarded more, for sure, but there are also people that want to do more on the network itself; curation is a fundamental process and people need Steem to do just that. A gradual, basic income just isn't enough.

Aside from that, this is also to send a message to those with far more power than me. If I want to see Steem grow, not just in the market price but the network itself, I have to use my influence to the best of my ability to fight for just that. Those with significantly more SP than me that aren't doing anything remotely useful for the network with it should be embarrassed.

I'll also be handing out a few delegations with my own SP alongside this 500 Steem to accounts that don't win. I haven't quite thought of how much, or how long those delegations will last for, but it serves as another positive move in helping smaller accounts help other smaller accounts.

Sorry for the longer than expected answer, but simply put: I want to do more.

I understand, but to receive @steembasicincome's votes you have to post and therefore participate in the community. 500 Steem is a lot for one person and not easy to choose. The SBI share obliges to stay on this blockchain to continue to benefit from the votes and encourages by regular votes ...

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't really want to be supporting people with a steady income of upvotes via SBI for producing content, though. I can do that myself with the SP I have. The thing I want to do is encourage others to use SP and curate content alongside me. To display the fundamental process and make them aware of its importance on the network since so few actively go out of their way to discover content and curate it.

Giving others upvotes is one step, but providing others with the necessary tools so that they can do the same is another, bigger step. Many people are already aware of the importance of curation, though. They are desperately trying to improve on this platform and help others. That's where I'm coming in: to provide a boost and ensure community builds around consistent engagement, rather than profit taking reign over all else.

The rules I implemented in this little giveaway aren't concrete. They're just a rough idea of what people should expect when thinking whether or not they have a chance at receiving something. It's more a way for me to gauge who is active in particular areas and how. Some will be active in content curation, supporting others in various manners and curation, some will be focusing on content creation, some focusing on content creation and supporting others but lacking the SP for curation, etc.

Once again, sorry for the super long reply. :^)

I understand the idea. The SP allows many things and can also be delegated for applications in particular to help them grow. I wish you a good success in your contest.

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Wow, thats a awesome way to support someone and the platform. Resteemed. Sharing is caring and this post have to be seen by more and more users. Thanks @namiks great action.

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That's a nice gesture of you.
I'm interested in photography. Although I'm far from a good photographer I like to share daily photos of Ontario where I currently live.
People always get to see the major attractions, but there are so many small things that people are not aware of, which I want to show in my daily photos.
Since I'm interested in photography I'm following several photography accounts as well.
It's a pity to see that some accounts with beautiful photos are almost passing by unnoticed.
I don't have much SP, but with the little I have I try to upvote some of these accounts. At least some recognition for their effort.

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Very interesting. I have a lot of respect for this community, and I don’t think steemit is going anywhere. We are slowly building our bricks in here. I’m sure in a few years this is going to be a trend.

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The title really got me here... but after reading whole article, I just decided to resteem your post. While I'm a newbie on platform, I don't consider myself to be eligible for this giveaway. I just stopped creating content only after two posts! Just because life turned into hard way and I'm still dealing with some personal issues... At the beginning I was very passionate about this platform, which already I am! But what stopped me from posting was just this feeling that I need to contribute a good content, or it's better to be nothing!
So I just wrote an article about ted experience linking it with my own steemit experience...
That just really introduced me to the secret side of platform! Community power!
I found very very very passionate people on different discord channels! All of them willing to help by any means... And I believe even if the Steem blockchain decides to leave us one day, these true friends are all there! We haven't met in person and all I get from them is love, help and .... !
I'm struggling to post something that I think worth sharing... and still stock there! Cause I feel some responsibility on platform!
So when I saw your post, it was no longer some odd things to me! As you said! If you are seeking to grow, you have to help others grow!
So I know my vote worth nothing right now, and I have really small community, but resteeming your post was the best thing I could do!
I hope whoever receives this generous giveaway, can spread the good word!
Thanks for being such a good and giving person on platform!

I hope you can overcome those personal issues soon, and find some ways to start producing more on here. I can understand the feeling that you always need to impress or put hours of effort into each post, but that's definitely not the case.

My advice would be to just say "fuck it" and start posting whatever things are within your interest. If you're a graphics artist, post about that? Perhaps whatever it is you did during the day, or how you did a specific thing. While it can take time to find your place on the platform, it will happen. There will be people interested in the same things you are, you just have to take the leap in discovering them.

Consider Steem to be a place where you can just let go and let out some of your thoughts. Maybe even for your own personal good to remember something or just get it out and feel better. Slowly but surely, you'll find more and more things to post about.

That great idea. I like it. 😁

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All love :))

Would be nice bonus to my long journey to dolphin 🐬 level and big help for my curation power. 😁👊

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I have been in steemit since January 2017, and as I think has happened to many at the beginning was difficult, in fact it was not until about 3 months ago that I managed to reach my first 500 sp, every time I can do power up, although my economy does not let me do as much as I would like, I have already reached 800 sp. I think that although many see little, for me are a lot and have something more that allows me to delegate to projects in which I support and obviously support me, would be something great, because in steemit as you say yourself, if I have and you have, we all have and that is something great.

I invite you to visit my profile, basically my content is cooking and information on medicinal plants, although eventually I publish photographs of something that pleases me or calls my attention. Nevertheless I do not stop supporting with my small vote the publications that I consider deserve my support, in the same way I share them in search of someone with more voting power that I can give them that push that sometimes we need.

Hi There Namiks
Quite nice what you're doing here! First I thought that I may sell myself for this, at the same time I'm not sure about it at all, since for now I'm all self-made and quite happy with it.

Anyway, mostly I stream my music on @greenhouseradio and Vimm TV, then I made sandwiches for the #SteemitSandwichContest (hopefully this contest has a comeback soon)... sometimes I curate for and the rest of the time I blog my silly brain to the world.

500 SP more would help me continue my road on here, which is always giving my best for this awesome community. And since I wont touch money anymore, all my Steem is regularly powered up!

Welcome to my world.
CU around

Hope you would consider me.
I havent powerdown yet ever, all my earnings went to steempower, I am supporting a small steem community in my locale called Batangas Steem Community tru my upvotes, a very active steem user who post every day and engage the community tru upvotes and comments.

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You can certainly check my history, I Steem on a part-time basis with barely 100 posts over my two years. My hands are pretty full working nights and caring for my kids in the day. And like everyone I am somewhat disappointed at the value of Steem at this point. And exascerbated by individuals gaining the system or the unwarranted sport flagging, trolling and downvoting can easily result in more individuals walking away. What keeps me here are the friends I made in the communities that welcomed and supported me into their fold. I've blocktraded to bring my sp to the point that I can reward writers and readers something more meaningful than dust but the drop in values took a toll. As you said 500sp really isn't that much. I use 3 delegations at this time. My largest is 250sp and I can at best claim 2,3 of an entitlement of 7 weekly or once a day. What I don't claim I'd be content that it goes back to the bot's operational expenses or benefit other members. My 100sp is pure Delegation, nothing special, I claim the 2 or 3 of 7. I don't self vote, and I don't as they say "Shitpost" as I have been awarded several @curie and other curating communities upvotes on several of my posts. You will see I put real effort into my posts even when I know actual reading by a living breathing person are few. Kerris L Ravenhill

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Why choose me? Well that’s a hard question... I have just recently come back to the blockchain world, after taking over a year off.

Recently I have been building up my SP to get back in the “I actually have a viewable vote” rankings. Most of my steem I have purchased myself lately, or traded for.

I currently have 2 delegations outgoing to help me build up my SP with rewards from posts. All my outgoing steem has been to either Steem-Engine or Steem Monsters for investments back into making myself a larger part of the blockchain.

I believe I have used a single upvote service, and put the rewards right back into my SP.

Last year I sold off a lot of my Steem, that was a horrible mistake, and I won’t be doing that again.

I would power up this Steem if won...

But nobody will probable notice this comment, so whatever.


Getting 500 free steems is like falling stars.
everyone will be happy.
I am also among those who hope to get more steem. I want to continue to do power ups like the idea of @streetstyle with SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) which has reached round 4. Hope with more Sp aka more can do more to help each other Steemian. I am sure in steemiit with various dapps we can support each other. I know that with a small SP there will be very little that can be done, including with RCs that are owned. Through the addition of SP the RC will be more numerous and can make useful posts.
I myself am a teacher who always tries to improve students' abilities. from my experience I try to write various things related to family and education. I also like writing for #zapfic (, #freewritehouse and others. I always imagined it would be very beautiful if the value of steem could return victorious. But at a time like now the low value of steem makes people leave it. only those who are strong and willing to survive are indeed worthy of support. Beyond that, we all have to continue working without knowing the word surrender.
We know there are many new steemian who need help. They want to post then they have no enough RC. And we must help them to grow well in this community, this platform.
Thank you @namiks
warm regard from Indonesia

I hope to goes to someone who can use it well. I support various small accounts with delegation and votes via @tenkminnows. Your prize could create another minnow. We need more accounts with substantial votes spreading the rewards.

BTW have a !BEER. I keep forgetting to give these out

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @namiks, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Your generosity is accepted I advance congrats to those man or women receive 500 from you

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Hi @namiks

First of all thanks much for this great initiative and indeed its going to add value in steem. I agree with you that most of the whales in Steem platform are not active.
Steem is a fatest growing community and I believe that brining more people in the platform will add value in the steem. I have comleted one year here and in last 6 months I have onboarded over 50 people in steem and through various programs like- Partiko Mentors, Actifit mentor, Steemhunt and SteemOnboarding. Apart from adding more people in the platform, I also help exisiting users to work with various dApps in steem. Currently I am working AAA mentor and helping people to understand the platform and start using it.

In my jounrey of one year I took approx 6 months for my stability and then I started contributing to community. There are many ways to contribute and I am doing my part to share awareness in In twittter and adding more people to this amazing ecosystem.

Apart from this, I never used power down till now have been doing power up every month and under SPUD program also I convinced many users to participate and this was another way to add value in platform. If you consider for this steem, then I will power up this entire amount and this will be helpful for me bring even more people in steem.

I have a vision to add 100 people in steem and mentor them within year and this support will be very helpful for me to fulfil my goal in steem.

Thank you so much.

Wow... 500 Steem is quite large and I will love to participate in this giveaway in order to help me grow and build my account. Hmm... How I wish ☺

@sayee, @crypto.piotr, @jadams2k18, if it interests you.

Very novel of you @namiks! God bless!

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Thanks to @oivas I am here. I am here since 2017 and have tried to bring a lot of people on board. However, I am not saying this to promote myself but would like to bring in your kind attention to @indiaunited which is a group and has a curation trail which votes members with the basic aim of promoting members of the third world countries and therefore is not limited to Indians alone. We have members from other countries as well and an active discord group too.

I do hope you will consider it. God bless

All the answers look alike and am not surprised as everyone will give the samew answer ... 'power up and curate more' that is my answer too.... i dont engage in self upvote and i am on a trail which benefit me and also other steemians...

Wooaw, such a lovely and kind heart you have in there. In as much as everyone wants it. I wish the winner a big congrats in advance.But if i happen to win it then all what i can say is, i started the steem journey of mine last year September ending and in less than two months, i will be a year on the blockchain. The journey was never easy but i hanged in there till today. Every penny of mine is being used to build up on the blockchain and i know 500 steem will cause much in my journey. Always powering up and rewarding as many users as i can each day on the blockchain

Hey there @namiks,
It has been a very long journey for me in Steemit started back in January 2018 and uptill now it hasn't quite that rewarding, I try my level best to put out genuinely original and essentially thought out content for the readers to enjoy, like currently I'm working on a travel across Pakistan the country in which I live most of the people haven't seen the country and so I'm working giving out a positive image of it and letting people see the actual beauty in the region. I hope you visit my blog and fall in love with the place just like I did. Further I would really love the reward as ut would be a break for me for all the hardwork uptill now. Until then cheers mate you're doing a wonderful job supporting minnows on the platform.

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Yuhh it's great amount to many if us espesially for newbies. Of course at current time I've leased some SP but I'd like to have such amount to power up my account. Also as a suggestion I think it will be great if you giveaway Steem to such people as @crypto.piotr or to OCD members or @acydio to give possibility to such people who create the original content for curation.

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What a wonderful opportunity for one very lucky person!

I have come back to the platform after a death in the family which rocked my world ( wrote a little about it on my blog) and am slowly building my account up.

If I were to win this competition it would be a game-changer for me!

I enjoy writing but also enjoy spending my time reading others content. I also share my favorite posts of the week each week and introduce a new member of the community in a curation post I create because my vote is so small this is one way I can give to others by trying and providing them with a little more exposure.

I have been powering up since I have returned and plan on continuing to do so. The price of steem and the current market doesn't bother me as I have no plans of spending anything I earn until I retire and I believe we are destined for some amazing things to come and I know every little steem I earn now will be something really special later.

Thank you for holding such a wonderful competition...I have all my fingers and toes crossed lol.


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Finding a niche on Steem is tough.
I post my Steem charts/stats every Friday.
I collect all this information daily, and this is a labor of love.
My question is how to best use 500 Steem?
I have a friend that has struggled to sigh up on Steem....she is so lost.
I believe her new account will be forever lost.
If you consider me for the 500 Steem giveaway, I will get her a new account, and show her how to correctly do this.
Then I will use the balance to gift SBI shares to her.
This will help her ,and myself as well, and set her up to start growing on Steem!👍
Thank you @silvertop..Mike 😊

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Dear @namiks,
Reading a kind of post like this is something interesting, yes because I also need steem to boost my account if ever that I will be chosen. But you you choose another one, still I am so grateful that there is a person like who is willing to help fellow Steemian. I strongly believed how steemit may changing people. This is a blockchain having a lot of generous people that I met. I would like to say thank you for making steemit a better place.
Keep it up.

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I am not sure if I qualify for this but I thought it would be worth trying.

I have been trying to upvote and comment on several posts a day. Not only people I follow, but people I find through a resteam from someone else.

I also try to post something every day, with a few days having more than one post. I have some more post ideas that I am working on to increase this some.

I got a delegation early on that was extremely helpful, I want to pass that on. So, if I win, I will continue doing as I currently am, plus I would like to find someone, maybe multiple someones, to delegate some steam to in hopes that it helps them like I was helped.

Thank you for running this competition, and good luck to all who enter.

Hi @namiks.
Such a awesome gesture you are doing for the steem community in helping fellow steemians to grow.
Since joining steem over a year ago, learning and enjoyed reading about others daily lives and cultures reassures me how greatful and humble I am with life.
Reading and researching about anything and everything is a passion of mine and have a attentive focus with my posts on health, spirituality, eco living, qanon and whatever "floats my boat" at the time.
Sharing with humanity, I hope my posts can reach out to somebody in some form or another is very important for me with personal development.
With not having a hugh following, I try to post something of informative substance 3-4 times a day gaining 0.002c a post.
Steem is still in its infant days and with generous bonus from such as yourself, will expand this awesome steem community!
Thankyou for your generosity 🙏🙏
Steem on 🌟🌟

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