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@timcliff did another good article It's time to start paying attention to Steem

EOS is Establishing Niches : Gambling and Gaming

It will be interesting to see what happens if and when Steemit 2.0 ever comes out on EOS. Right now I am still bullish on the Steem blockchain although things seem to look good for EOS. Dogecoin also intrigues me.

Happy Labor Day


Monday 9-3

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I'ma stick with the one that brought me ... Steemit for better or worse ...

Someone needs to create a way to make purchasing Steem fast and easy. I may invest in some @steemmonster packs and then sell them on the market to convert to Steem. Seems like the easiest option since @steemmonsters can be purchased with a credit card. With this option comes some risks.


That's interesting that we can buy @steemmonsters with a credit card but not Steem.
You should make a blog post if you use that process.


I find it interesting as well.

  • I plan on making a post on it regardless. Likely multiple if I go through with it to document if the process gave me positive or negative ROI. I guess it would depend on what I get inside the packs. They are $2 each but if you buy 100 you get an extra 10. I am undecided if I should buy the 100 and use it as Steem investment or just buy 4 -5 and see if I can get lucky and hit another gold foil legendary card.

I think dodge is funny more people are talking about about it, prob what the pump was meant for! Hahaha but yeah very bullish on steem!

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I heard Doge was originally a joke but it has fast transaction times so it works well. I think it was up like 30% last month when almost everything else was down.

I always keep a little Doge for spending

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