11720/.10494 Trading Master - TAV - $208.60 - 10/613

in steem •  last month  (edited)

I think I finally have the Steem engine trading thing down. I might have lost like 5 or 10 Steem in the process but oh well. lol

source I wonder if the book is good. I don't think I will ever buy it though although the reviews are good.

Wednesday 9-11

1142 Steem Account
121= 1035 Pal
27 = SBIT
6 = Other
1296 = Total = $208.6

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btw I did delegate some Steem to Booster. But ROI is not that high. They give most of what that get from voting. But the bot is used less right now. So lower ROI.

Are you sure about that? You also get free Booster tokens.

Yes, I am sure. In the beginning they gave more Steem payout (now less because people use the bot less), and they give less BOOSTER tokens, and it has gone down in price a lot too (you now get half the BOOSTER tokens and the price is about half. So you only get 1/4th of what you got a few weeks ago). .

It still helps though. Booster is the only bot I use now.