Beware! Binance and Poloniex Steem Wallets Disabled! 02/04/2018

in #steem6 years ago (edited)

As of this writing, both Poloniex and Steem wallets are disabled. Binance shows the Steem wallets down for maintenance and Poloniex shows it as temporarily disabled.

How long the wallets will be disabled is anyone's guess, but I just didn't want anyone to send any money to these exchanges expecting to buy Steem and find out that they couldn't get their Steem out of these exchanges at this time. Hopefully, this post will save somebody a transfer fee/exchange fee when transferring to these exchanges and then making a trade to buy Steem...only to find out that they cannot get their Steem out.

If anyone sees these big exchange's Steem wallets come back up, let us know. This post may be one of those resteem types of please feel free to resteem it so that it gets broad visibility.

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I will resteem this my friend so that others might know and be warned. Thank you for making people aware of this. Hope you are good. :) Peace.

Doing well here my friend! Wish I could upvote you a bit more, but will have to wait until tomorrow to get half of my steem power back :)

That is not a problem friend. I cannot upvote very much anyway but I am doing all I can. It is not all about the money to me but supporting each other. :) Peace

Not all about the money for me either, just like to boost people. If I upvote others...then they can turn that into steem power and help others more also :D

I know my are a good soul :) Peace.

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