My First Steempower Delegation [Update]...

in steem •  5 months ago

Following my first ever delegation to @upmewhale below is my progress so far.


It has been 12 days since i delegated 150 Steem to @upmewhale and the rewards are beginning to stack up.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.52.31.png
Yesterdays rewards

I have been averaging at around 0.12 SBD per day and in total i have earned 1.484 SBD and 0.049 Steem which is not a large amount but it is completely passive so makes it an easy way to earn. I may consider delegating all of my Steempower depending on the price action in SBD and Steem though selling my upvote is quite profitable too.

Thanks for reading and if you found this interesting consider upvoting, following and resteeming.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 20.02.43.png

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Thanks for sharing the number. I'm interested.

How exactly do you delegate steem?


No problem @matthewoz101, it was very simple just go to enter your username and amount that you want to delegate and verify it through Steemconnect the whole thing takes less than 2 minutes...