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It does not seem like long ago when i activated this account and this week marks my 58th week using Steem and its associated apps, every 4 weeks i like to log my progress and experiences (see 54 Weeks Using Steemit here) using the Steem blockchain, these past 4 weeks has seen me implement a few different strategies and i am excited to see how they have worked for me.


My following has increased by 56 going from 1123 to 1179 which is a slight increase from previously.


My reputation is slowly increasing and by the next update should be over 60 for now it is at 59.63 which is an increase of 0.73.


In the past 30 or so days i have authored 54 posts which is about 2 posts a day which is what i'm aiming for.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 23.19.58.png
Pic is From 4 Weeks ago.


My Steem power has increased significantly compared to previous periods going from 448.792 to 596.767 which is an increase of 147.975 of which 67.10 came from authored posts, this has been my best 4 week period in terms of powering up and i hope to be able to keep these figures up.


Thanks for reading and if you found this interesting consider upvoting, following and resteeming.

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