Till then...don't lose yourself.

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I stumbled upon @exyle's latest vlog earlier today and despite being at the office, I watched it till the end. I never do that. Neglect stuff that need to be done while I am at work, in order to spend time on Steem. I mean, I might sneak in for a minute or two to soothe my addiction but to watch a full vlog?

Yet there was something about his title...I just had that weird feeling that I will totally relate with what I was about to watch, and I did. You see, even though I am a member of the Steem family for almost 2 full years, I still consider myself to be a newcomer, compared to those who have been here since 2016.

But we all have the very same goal. And that is to see Steem thrive one day. Some are already heavily invested in Steem. And by heavily I mean really heavily. Make no mistake to compare today's prices with what was going on a couple of years ago. One had to spend something between 200.000$ - 400.000$+ in order to buy ...100K Steem. And whether your entry point was 4$ or 2$ or 1.6$(that's me), it's hard to believe that Steem will completely collapse...

We need promotion.....

So just like Exyle, I've been through all the stages of addiction as well.

"-Dammit...why the price is so high...I'll never manage to turn into a minnow..."
"-Sweet, the price is dropping like a brick...now we are talking baby!!!"
"-Fuck..how will I to drag people on my blog...?"
"-Shhh baby, I need to see those notifications from Gina..."

I think you do get the idea of what an addict looks like...If you've been through this shit then make no mistake...you suffer from Steemitis...

But while I was seeking for attention, not in a desperate way but the way any newcomer who joins this place with high hopes does, I also had so much fun in the process. There were so many things happening when I joined...

I still remember great posts participating in @comedyopenmic's contests...

I also remember MEME contests. I am telling you, some people's creativity when it comes to memes is unreal...

Fast forward to today...and #Newsteem.

We made sure to clean up our mess...

We learned the hard way ( price dip) that we have to try a lot more to spread the news regarding all the progress that has been made lately...

We triggered people to change their attitudes...

We even woke up whales from hibernation...thanks to the last HF of course...which of course has flaws but things look way better and there is a breeze of hope at least.

But to be honest with you all, I don't have much fun here lately. As a matter of fact I have no fun at all. There is one specific blog that can make my day whenever I visit it, but other than that...no fun. I don't know why, it's just that people feel that fun shouldn't be rewarded or something like that...I can't really give a reasonable explanation to this...

I know that the Big Dream is to drag here investors and companies and businesses and such, but Steem / Steemit started as a social media platform where fun is allowed and should be rewarded too. And until we reach our goal I see no reason why we shouldn't have fun in the meantime...

Talking all day long about "downvotes and who voted whom...and why he earns that much while I get shit..." won't do any good...I think.

Who said investors can't have fun...?

Business and pleasure...remember?

Just like Exyle said on his vlog, it might take us a lot longer that we initially thought it will, but we'll get there. Till then...don't lose yourself.

Have a great one people.


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One thing I have found in life. Those who work really hard tend to party really hard also.

I am not sure quite why that is. Do they do this because they work hard or do the people who work hard have a personality tendency to party hard?

Nevertheless, I have noticed a change in the level of seriousness on STEEM also.

Toward the less party side. And I have only been here months. Maybe that is just transference of my own traits. Maybe not.

I hope it changes back, for me and for others. Sometimes you just got to let off some STEEM :-)

Speaking my mind mate...I am telling you...

I miss the good ol days were people used to party hard around here too...

I'm glad I caught your post. I was curious if anyone could relate to that vlog.

All I can say is that it would have been impossible for me to continue blogging for so long if I didn't enjoy what I create. When I force it the blogs don't flow, I struggle to put pen to paper or find the right words for a vlog. It becomes work not fun and I can't be creative.

I'm therefor rebalancing my blog, with more fun and things I like and it opens up a whole world of content to share and there is plenty of room for Steem posts too.

It's possible to create your own fun experience on Steem as a user and even as an investor. You just have to do it :)

Oh man, I could definitely relate to it.

As a matter of fact it felt as if you were speaking my mind. I wish I had more time to spend on Steem because I love every little thing about it. Even the flaws that make it better when spotted.

It's possible to create your own fun experience on Steem as a user and even as an investor. You just have to do it :)

I am more of a "spectator" that a fun creator when it comes to funny blogs but I would support these initiatives 100%.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and for stopping by as well.
Have a great one mate

Keeping accumulating is the best way now to proceed
Steem on mate

It is indeed. But some fun every now and then wouldn't be a bad idea, would it?

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Until Steemians who are also artists in a wide sense of the word themselves won't invest big chunks of money into SP, it's hard for me to expect today's whales will adequately reward non-Steem related content...

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I have a feeling that lately artists and especially those who happens to share their photography have great support.

Art is a whole lot more than photography, I understand that but progress is being made...

I have to say that I only once received a juicy upvote from a whale lately. And this is because it was a contest post. So every contestant received it too. Of course, even one time is nice.

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The truth is that there are not so many active whales around here...so every vote from these accounts should be celebrated :P

I know exactly what you mean my friend.

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