I tried now and everythink works. You should use main password, not WIF code.

Problem Solved changed my password and trying to login to dmania used my access token from another browser . steemconnect is a really big problem plz make the old login again with posting key , it was better than this , this make posting hanging and from 10 posts there is just 3 posts made i'll keep trying again

Tried just right now just like i said before No Login just a blank page , not giving me anything

What browser do you use? Maybe if you clear the cache for the website it will work.

cache cleared and nothing happend , updated browser , posted 10 posts from 20 , steemconnect make the posting hangs and after posting the page of upload still loading about 1 hour for 1 post :(

What browser do you use? You can login now, but you can't post?

previously i cant log in , if i logged in hanging on posting , now works fine i'll test again tonight and i will leave a comment if works fine :) thanks for replay :)

@zombee am i the only one had that problem ???

@midobashamido Looks like it. Does everything work now?

No still have the same problem :'(

When iam trying now hanging in posting
changed broweser ,, update ,, reset ,, nothing works

Thanks man. You show me that paying 6 STEEM for steemconnect v2 is waste of money