Steem 1.17!! Traders might have no vision but they sell until reach their goals!

in steem •  5 months ago

Ok... so now we are at the crossroads... Traders have pressed the price to 1.17 USD...

The question now is where is this headed... With no news perhaps traders paint some new lines... If I had to bet I would bet that the breakout will be again to the upside...

But hey... if traders are at the rudder they could take us to 0.10 USD as well... remember... traders trade with all stuff... they do not take into account if it is shit (Verge) or something with a great future (Steem)... right now they value Verge much higher... because of its Dogecoin technology and several 51% attacks in the last months... But those are traders... hodlers should see some more value in Steem than in unstable Pornhub Verge.

Disclaimer: No investment advice, just my opinion.

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There is not to much going on for crypto at the moment to get excited about. But I do believe things will heat up come September and into the end of the year. Its why I stocked up at $1.38 I didnt expect it to keep falling but if its going under $1 ill be buying like mad to reach my goal of 100k steem power


This strategy sounds like what I would do.... Stop eating and buying Steem under 50 cents :)

i knew that you analysis will be on point and see the prices are exactly where you see it in your chart do you think it might go in cents too


Generally my opinion is that Steem is at any price from 0.01 to 5$ a screaming buy if SMTs come and work as promised.
If they work well I think we will see Steem in the mid-term in the 100reds of dollars...


Lets hope for the best then do you think it will go down below dollar one in recent time what you analysis say : )

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