How to Beat the Steem Blockchain Drama Blues.

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I loved finding steemit over two years ago.

I LOVED finding out that Steemit was one little finger of the STEEM Blockchain Body.

Bild von Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

I remember having goals of reaching 60 STEEM Power, which back then was about $120 USD. I remember getting there and then setting my next goal.

Currently I want to reach 3500 STEEM POWER, almost there, esp with my current earnings.

I also recognize that if I count the net worth of my splinterlands and steem-engine accounts, I am a dolphin for sure, and probably even a double dolphin.

I pat myself on the back, as this has been built gaming, and writing, with bits and bursts of cash, all in less than $25 USD increments.

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 8.44.53 AM.png

I stayed active when the market was at low, even though I didn't have time to blog cause I needed a "real" job at that time, I kept building by curating, following curation trails (thanks steemitmamas!), and playing games on the blockchain.

I found the way to invest a few dollars when steem was really low, I couldn't believe that my dream of true dolphinhood was only a couple hundred dollars away, and I didn't have them to spare. I found a way to spare $10USD here, and another $10USD there. I am still glad I did it.

I even made a profit off of drugwars. (Currently I am beating a large army I found to a pulp, just for the sake of being able to destroy someting, isn't that the whole POINT of drugwars?)

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 8.54.18 AM.png

But now, this blockchain drama has me down, in ways that low prices didn't. Low prices were (are still) exciting, I could see the blockchain building and I just knew that $1.00 steem was possible, and that it was only a matter of time before it got there.

Then "the sale" happened.

Bild von Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke auf Pixabay

It tasted like when the Chargers dumped San Diego and moved to Smell A.

I inquired about how to "get" the witnesses to create a soft fork, limiting how many witnesses one can vote.

Then I found out about the ninja mine.

Then the witnesses acted.

I celebrated.

They received criticisms, but that's what we voted them for, to make decisions. They "acted preemptively" but if they hadn't have acted and the other side did, the blockchain had chances of being dead

Then I realized that most people don't understand the blockchain one bit and that they don't know what or why the soft fork happened. "Good" things that smell bad are always deemed "bad."

Still, I have hope that all is not yet lost (even with the price tanking again). So here is what I am doing to beat the blockchain drama blues...

I am staying in the energy of all attention is good attention

And reminding myself that whatever this mess is, it's temporary, and now is the time to dig deep, and build.

Bild von gfk DSGN auf Pixabay

I am remembering that it only takes one witness to keep the blockchain running

I understand that one node is all it takes to make the blockchain keep going. So what if the price further tanks, I am here for the loooooooooong run, my steem power keeps building, it keeps multiplying and I believe in the future no matter where it takes me.

Bild von alan9187 auf Pixabay

I am remembering that there are lots of projects

Splinterlands, Steem-City, Drugwars, Holybread, The dozens of steem-engine tribes.

Someone will survive. Probably lots of someone's.

I am remembering that the community is still here

We got ride or die's on the blockchain. The price dropping left us with a core of hardcore users. Even if we lose 1/2 the population, it is an adamant half that will stay.

Perseverance builds.

And Sun bought Steemit because he liked the community, not the chain, so it is worth something.

I am sticking to my peeps


We still have steemitmamas.

If I choose I can run back to the freewrite house.

Steemleo is still teaching me about investment.

Ulogs are still sharing day to day life from around the world.

NeedleworkMonday still wants to hear about my projects

TaskMaster is still staying positive

I already built something

I have been going through ALL my posts and creating a table of contents for them. There are e-books abound there. Short stories, micro stories, 50 word stories, tutorials on how to make crafts, memoirs, poetry, motivational posts, parenting posts, depression stories.

I can start a "real" blog, on its own website, and there is already years worth of content to upload.

Thanks to my steem blockchain readers, it is edited, there are words to expand on, vetted for interest, and there are lots and lots of topics.

Even if the blockchain with all its fingers goes, my writing is alive and well.

I genuinely enjoy my time here

So sure, there is some drama going on. That doesn't take away from everything I have already experienced, learned and enjoyed.

That is what I am doing to keep a positive spin on this project. I know it is far from dead. I don't know which direction it is going in, but it is going somewhere.

I am not the only one here, why are you still here?

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Wow, thanks for this post full of thoughts and feelings.

You’re definitely not lonely, accompanied by many like me, staying here even if the price drops.

Let’s hope for the best. Atm nobody knows which way steem will go to...

In the end the buyer will do as he like and if it's from those witnesses are history.
Steemit is sold but the rest will follow because it benefits them.

Happy Friday. 💕

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How do you build by curating?

Yes, I agree. We are here because we have each other. The friendship I have built here over time is the one that keeps me stay.

Thank you so much for your positive thoughts despite of being uncertain where Steem will lead us! 😂

Steem on @metzli! 😍

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Hi there, I was trying to get in touch with you on discord to ask whether it would be okay to put you forward as a moderator for spinvest? You have a sensible pragmatic voice and you are interested in investing. It would be good to have a young woman with children as part of the team, it would bring a different voice and perspective.
I know you are very busy with your children and another one on the way, and your writing, so I wanted to ask you first.
Many thanks, Shani 😍

Thank you. I would love it. I would have to get my discord in order, but yes, I would be interested.

Thanks for thinking of me.

That's great, I'm so pleased!
Did you manage to get to be a club member? If not, that will need to be sorted out as well.
I'm not sure what the next steps are, we'll wait and see.

Found my phone, messaging you today :)

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