Notable and Very Promising Steem Projects That Will Bring The Price Of Steem to A New High.

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STEEM is just the base of a great ecosystem that will become even BIGGER than Ethereum in a couple of years.

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  • Steemit:

Steemit naturally attracts the most attention as the first social media platform based on a previously theoretical cryptocurrency incentive framework. Designed to operate as a part-news platform, part-Facebook, Steemit enables content creators to earn Steem for publishing content, and all users can be rewarded financially for merely upvoting content.

  • Utopian:

Utopian garnerates significant attention as a decentralized platform that incentivizes open source projects by using a vote-based reward protocol using Steem.

  • Fundition:

Also operating in a similar space as Utopian is Fundition, a crowdfunding platform where creators looking for support to develop their innovations can also access funding through Steem donations.
Steepshot: Steepshot is a photo-based social app. Here, selfie-takers and filter fanatics can earn crypto by publishing their images.

  • Busy:

Busy is a crypto-powered blogging app. You can browse articles made by your favorite authors and publish your own.

  • SteemPress:

SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that connects any blog to Steem. With it, writers can tokenize their existing website.

  • DTube:

DTube is a crypto-powered video platform. Here, users can upload videos within an ad-free, and censorship-resistant community.

  • DSound:

DSound is web platform that enables its users to discover, upload, and listen to music that is built on an IPFS network.

  • Steem-monsters:

Similar to how CryptoKitties operates, Steem Monsters will revolve around blockchain-based assets which can be traded, bought, and sold. The big difference is that this project revolves around the Steem blockchain, and the cards themselves are part of a major trading card game. In this regard, it seems to combine Spells of Genesis with CryptoKitties, with a few twists.

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Awesome find out my friend!



The level of innovation that has originated from the steem blockchain is phenomenal. That is why I believe steem prices will eventually go the the moon


Totally agree with you 👊😊
Great blog too 👍


I don't share your enthusiasm. Steem is a great platform for many reasons, and these apps that tie into the platform are ways that can add value to the platform as a whole.

What is NOT happening are attempts to generate a market value to the SBD. So, you got a bunch of people that are trying to pull value out of the currency, but nothing to keep that value, if everyone is holding / selling and nobody is buying, the price will never go up.

It won't matter how many options there are to contribute to the platform... all people will be working towards is a score in SBD that has no value outside the platform.


Hmmm I think you're right. It probably has to do with how steemit was presented in the first place (as a money making site).


SBD is like the Stable Coin for the Steem Network, just as Ether is to Ethereum and Gas is for Neo.
The ONLY thing that gives crypto its value is THE NETWORK itself.
As you know, all these projects are putting the Steem Network to the test and at the same time all these platforms are preparing SMT (Smart Media Tokens) that will be airdropped into your Steem account at Steemit.
I think this is very awesome for the Steemit users who hold Steem, Steem Power and Steem Based Dollars. 😊


That may have been true when the options were bitcoin. Now that there are hundreds of variations on cryptocurrencies, now you gotta start considering how desirable each iteration is to the rest.

If people are only using steem as a placeholder, it ultimately has a lower overall value than others based on people trying to get rid of them.

Muy buen post informativo, Gracias. Saludos.

Steem-monsters is the kind of thing that can drive Steem price. An asset that people not on Steemit want that is denominated in Steem.

gracias @melip por tenerme informada con tus buenos trabajos.

Thanks for the list. So far I only use steemit, steepshot and dtube.

Excelente post amiga . Muchas gracias por tu información. Saludos


Saludos amiga 😊

Son impresionantes todas las herramientas que nos ofrece Steemit para poder seguir creciendo dentro de la comunidad @melip


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The list just goes on and on its just a matter of time from here on and then people will be giving much attention to steem blockchain


That’s how I also see it. Just a matter of time 😊