Yummy :D

Yeah a lot of those SBD were recycled back into bots, the charts will show more realistic data in that area from folks like yourself who (I think) have steered clear thus far.

I have indeed! Apart from early dabbling with randowhale but that was just for fun as the first bot.

I didn't know your were a big botty man in the past ;0)

I started posting again around the time Rando and the rest started arriving and didn't really understand how things worked. Weak excuse landed!

Who doesn't like a big botty? :D

Lol, I have been tempted!

Your content is some of the best on here and so I don't think a single person would begrudge you 'promoting' it. I don't see you on the @ocdb whitelist, outrageous! I'm sure you could fly right on there though if you wanted.

Aw shucks mate. Cheers, that's the nicest thing someone's said to me on Steemit !

Lol, I checked the other day thinking I might give it a bash and sobbed when I saw that of the millions of folk that were on it,I was absent!

What a miserable bunch we must be then!

It is true though, I told the ex who no longer posts to set her accounts auto-voter on your work, and she listened (amazingly), after review of content of course :)

I'll speak to a man who knows a man who knows a bot - It could be closed to additions at present, but we shall see.

I always like a man who knows a man about a thing!!

Hehe, fantastic man! Cheers!

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