Social Media Interaction with the Steem blockchain (Steemit Blast Day)

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So, let's do this, channel your questions to my social media platforms. My contacts will be right at the base of this article and feel free to call in or text if you need some help as regards Steem blockchain. We have an handful of people who can help you...

This initiative was organized by @timcliff and others on the Steem blockchain (including myself) and our aim is to inform, keep you updated about the social blockchain which have a fantastic features and most importantly get you acquitted with STEEM as a cryptocurrency and maybe you find it interesting and you wanna invest some dollars, rupees, naira or euros; whichever currency you wanna use.
This is Invest in Steem Social Media Blast Day. Join us on discord channel to be full aware if the ongoing.

Let's dive into the pool of questions that is on your mind and lips;
Meanwhile, these questions varies according to each categories of people and it is thus:

When you're a NOVICE to the “technical know-how of blockchain technology and what in the world is cryptocurrency all about?

There is all assumption that you're just coming in contact with the blockchain technology for the first time ever. Probably, you have a prior engagement with blockchain technology but you haven't taken your time to do your research. These and many other will be your thoughts:

What is blockchain technology? And how does Steem blockchain operates?
• What is Steemit? What are the benefits of creating an account with Steemit. Is there other likely benefits other than being a social media blockchain?
• Is it just meant for blogging/writing posts alone?

These and many more will be the questions on the lips of people who are novice and amateur in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Meanwhile,

When you're an EXPERT in the field of cryptocurrency and a potential investor(s)

Basically, there is no need for extra course study for this category of people because they're familiar with the technology but maybe not the front and back end of the Steem blockchain. And that is why it is important to us (Steem blast team) to get the lips of each investors reading the STEEM and probably making some real investments in STEEM.
Very quickly, I will tell you few tips why you should consider buying/investing in STEEM below and this in any way should not be considered as a financial statement or advice aim at inducing you to act or not to act. But ensure you do your own research and get back to us.

  1. I currently own Steem, which is in form of a stake on the Steem blockchain called Steem Power.

  2. Read up on how you can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) if you ever consider investing in STEEM In a better interest, sometimes, be sure to engage in the delegation of your STEEM rather than selling it off.
    You can as well check this link below;

  3. “One of the most innovative (and most misunderstood) aspects of the Steem blockchain is the “Rewards Pool” from which tokens are distributed to valuable content creators. In order to understand what the Rewards Pool is, one first needs to understand that tokens are produced differently in DPoS blockchains than they are in PoW blockchains. In traditional PoW blockchains, tokens are produced regularly but randomly distributed to the people whose machines are performing work (“miners”).
    Different from PoW-only cryptocurrencies, tokens in Steem are generated at a fixed rate of one block every three seconds. These tokens get distributed to various actors in the system based on the defined rules of the blockchain. These actors, such as content creators, witnesses, and curators, compete in specialized ways for the tokens. Unlike the traditional PoW means of distribution, where miners are competing over raw computing power, the actors in the Steem network are incentivized to compete in ways that add value to the network.
    The rate that new tokens are generated was set to 9.5% per year starting in December 2016, and decreases at a rate of 0.01% every 250,000 blocks, or about 0.5% per year. The inflation will continue decreasing at this rate until it reaches 0.95%, after a period of approximately 20.5 years.”

    Here is my email address - [email protected], I will be willing to hear from you.


I'm not a motivational speaker but an individual with a true mind. Join me every Sunday - 8:30pm on @wafrica discord server for show time. Yours, @mediahousent host on wafrica discord server


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