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RE: All Steemians get free Byteball tokens! Have you claimed yours yet?

in #steem5 years ago

Byte is an amazing airdrop with a difference, I was privileged to share in this free money. Lol Do you know about any update concerning the breakdown?


I thought it was fixed. I haven't been following too closely though.

Not yet, they just released a statement to that effect today via mail. And they're probably working on it now. The steem attestation verification isn't going and the exchange too. But we're hoping for the best this week.

I've signed up quite a few people since I created my post, and they have all worked.

Probably new users can access it now but I made a transaction over 20 hours ago now and it has not be delivered not to talk of verified. I will wait on the magic ball message though. Thank you for notifying me.

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