Where does the price of Steem go from here?

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I was looking at a chart of Steem price from coingecko.com and noticed that the price of Steem has been fluctuating between $1-$1.5 for the last several months. I personally think that Steem will rise in the future and that is why I am a believer in Steem and this platform, but I know there will be price volitility and we could easily make new lows, especially with governments around the world fearing rising crypto prices.

Where do you think Steem is going from here in the short term? I would be interested to know your perspective. Should we be buyers of Steem or should we wait for new lows??


I am a little hesitant to say.
A lot of power down is happening compare to holding steem.
So far we are at 374k+ accounts
Two actions will happen very soon.
1.- Price will eventually go up. easy around $3-10
2.- When steemit reaches one million steemians, life changing.

Thanks for your comment. I hope you are right! I would be exciting, especially for those you adopted steemit early.

It is going to the moon!!!! Actually I have no idea, but we can hope!

I hope so too. Thanks for the minnowbooster! That is awesome! I actually had just transferred funds myself and was confused when they were sent back. Haha. I really appreciate it.

No worries. I was having a great morning so you caught me in a generous mood. :)

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I hardly think there could be lower prices for steem, i think it has proven it self that it wont get any lower than 1$... It will raise a lot, it just a matter of time...

Do not fear the governments, the more regulations and banning, the higher crypto will go, it happens all the time... You can clearly see how all the forbidden things in the world are highly expensive and overpriced... And regulating a currency is just the same, people wont stop using crypto just because some government dont like it, they will find the way to use it, just that it will be harder and expensive...

Thanks for your comment. I agree that it look like $1 steem is a pretty solid floor.

I think we see soon 3.10$

you are a good writer..

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