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Hello Steemians! I am 290 USD richer. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Just 2 days ago, as a small player in the cryptocurrency space, I transfered 377 USD worth of ether from my genesis wallet my steemit wallet to take a position, since I saw the bullish trend in the market. That got me 755 STEEM tokens,  . I sold 50 STEEM this morning for Ethers at 0.65 (50*0.65 = 32.5 USD,I shouldn't have done that), leaving me with 705 STEEM tokens, which is now valued at 0.90 USD/STEEM (705*0.90   = 634.5 USD). So, if I decide to sell now, everything will amount to 634.5 + 32.5   = 667 USD. Subtracting 377 USD from 667 USD will be 290 USD return on investment (ROI).  Interesting! Huuuhuuuu...


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Excellent! I missed to buy more Steem when it was lower - shame on me

Oh, @uwelang, I feel your pain. You will need twice as much money to buy now than when it was 50 cents. Well, from technical analysis, I think STEEM still has the potential to get to 2 USD. Note that that there may be a price correction, though. Watch out for that time and buy. Cheers.

I was talking about the 20 cents time which is only a few weeks ago.....

Alright. I understand. That was when I was busy powering up 💪💪.

At least i bought almost 400 steem for a bit more then 22 cents recently so i made a bit profit too but i could have done more... :-)

Talk to me...

FOR I haven't bought a single steem! :)

Oh @sidwrites, why? Maybe you didn't really see any need to.

Actually, I was just learning about Steem.

Posted this, for fun, just now: :)

Good to know that ! So we all benefited then.

if the price is not falling towards the level we had 2 months ago yes

Very nice!


Where do you trade? Like the idea of Steem going high up at 2 dollars.

Hope to catch that train soon!

Thanks @sidwrites.I trade on changelly exchange. This is my affilaite link . Yes, I saw the STEEM technical analysis from a blog post I read on this platform yesterday. Sure you'll soon catch the train, but you need to act ASAP.

i KNOW I was struggling to get past 500 dollars and now in a few days I over 700.00 All the pieces are in line. People have had it on social media, we have celebrities bring their people from other platforms they are digusted with. . . and on and on it goes...IT'S BLAST OFF ... power up because it's isn't going to stop.rocketH.gif

Absolutely @pitterpatter ! There is no going back for me and I guess for us as well.

Welcome to world of crypto !
If you are rich enough, buy a VIVAcrown

Thank you @chrisaiki. I will check out VIVAcrown once again. I have been seeing posts about it, but have cannot really comprehend what it's all about and how it works. By the way, how does it benefit me to buy a VIVAcrown?

"VIVA is a new type of economic system, one which wastes nothing and rewards participants with a basic income they can enjoy for life by means of a price-stable digital currency called VIVA coins. Unlike other cryptocurrencies which employ mining to create new coins, VIVA coins are created by mints, which are given a license to carry out their activities by a group of people known as Crownholders. Crownholders set the economic parameters that control things such as interest rates and the total number of VIVA coins in circulation. By participating in the VIVA ICO as an investor, you are purchasing Crowns, the digital tokens that allow you entry into the group of Crownholders."

Thanks for the indepth explanation of VIVA . Seems quite interesting. I think it's worth looking into and eventually participating in. I need time to study the proposal/whitepaper of the project so as to be able to evaluate it and then take a decision on investment. Cheers.