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RE: Steepshot releases new feature allowing creators to post short videos.

in #steem4 years ago

That's great! But please fix the errors with the photo uploads. Since this version I am not able to select a saved photo from my phone and upload it. Once I click on the arrow, it closes and I get back to the home screen. Sometimes uploads also take super long, until nothing happens. Apart from that, the app is great and I enjoy using it! :)


Hello. We are already finishing the update with the main fixes. It will soon be available for download, we will notify.

That's great :)

Is there any update yet? When will it be fixed? I'm still not able to choose pictures from my phone and upload them :( I already cleared all the app data and the cache but it didn't help.


I'm afraid this "project" is dead. The app was pulled from the app store and I'm having the same bug @marcelgoo is reporting. Can't post anything from my phone. 2 month is a lot of time.

I gathered as much, so I have since given up on @steepshot - I am now using @partiko so far so good, seems it is he best option for posting from mobile device. Just wish they would increase the number of tags one can use, which was a great feature on steepshot that seemed to give more traction to posts.

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

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