Steem-tx | Lightweight JavaScript library for creating and signing transactions on the Steem blockchain

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Lightweight JavaScript library for creating, signing, and broadcasting transactions on the Steem blockchain

As this post gets older, please check official GitHub repository for the latest instructions and updates.

Why this?

steem-js and dsteem libraries are not easy to integrate and in some cases are incompatible with some frameworks like Nativescript

NativeScript is an open-source framework to develop apps on the Apple iOS and Android platforms. It was originally conceived and developed by Progress. NativeScript apps are built using JavaScript, or by using any language that transpiles to JavaScript, such as TypeScript. - Wikipedia

This library is a solution to such cases when official libraries are not working. And also an alternative for just creating, signing, and broadcasting transactions.

How Steem-tx works:

I'm preparing another post about this library. A full instruction on how to serialize and sign Steem transactions with JavaScript. It will take a few days to be ready.


npm install steem-tx --save


Create transaction:

const steemTx = require('steem-tx')
const operations = [
      voter: 'guest123',
      author: 'guest123',
      permlink: '20191107t125713486z-post',
      weight: 9900

const tx = new steemTx.Transaction()
tx.create(operations).then(() => console.log(tx.transaction))

Sign transaction:

(multi signature is supported)

// please use this key just for testing purposes
const myKey = '5JRaypasxMx1L97ZUX7YuC5Psb5EAbF821kkAGtBj7xCJFQcbLg'
const privateKey = steemTx.PrivateKey.from(myKey)


Broadcast transaction:

tx.broadcast().then(res => console.log(res))

Make node call:'condenser_api.get_accounts', [['mahdiyari']]).then(res => console.log(res))

npm package:

Feel free to test, use, share!

Future plans?

I'm building different applications mainly for Steem blockchain and I will try to keep this library as light as possible but also, useful with main functions for interacting with Steem blockchain. I believe having more tools will help grow use cases of Steem blockchain.

Many features, like getting posts and accounts are easy to implement with basic api calls. But serializing and signing transactions are a little bit complex to be implemented. That's why I decided to prepare another post about it and explain as much as I can.

Let's hope and work for a better future for the people in the World and on the Steem blockchain ❤

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I love how this is a minimal, yet complete, Javascript library for Steem. It is very similar to how I would design a Javascript library if we were to move away from steem-js and dsteem. Great job! I hope it gains traction.

Steem is the present and future of crypto and web3.0

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Somewhat echoing the comments of @vandeberg, I'd love to see similar minimal yet complete Steem libraries for other popular languages.

At the first look it seems pretty good! 💪

Bookmarking this for later! Thanks. !steem2email

Emailed 👌

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Right when I'm starting to look at developing an Android app. What timing!

looks helpful!

thanks for making & releasing this, it'll for sure be useful for lots of us :^)

can't even understand it, but still love it

You have my witness vote too ;)
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looks great..... love it...😍

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Nice post man! :D

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@mahdiyari, These efforts are really appreciable. An Ecosystem which have diversified Alternatives performs very flexibly and developers like you definitely deserve appreciation and recognition.

Good wishes from my side and have a successful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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Very good javacrib

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Is there any example of sending a transaction (STEEM) to multiple people at once?

Put your transfers inside operations array in the first code snippet just like vote operation
also may help

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Thanks @mahdiyari for sharing this info!

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Perfect, it looks great !!

Good writing.

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