# Daily Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) Price Report - 2018-02-01

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Daily Steem and Steem dollars (SBD) price Report - 2018-02-01



Price in Bitcoin: 0.00052806 BTC
Price in USD: 5.33827 USD
24 Hour Volume: 56813800.0 USD
Market Capacity: 1323856492.0 USD
Available Supply: 247993543.0 STEEM
Total Supply: 264967637.0 STEEM
Price Change in 1 Hours: 6.63 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: 3.5 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -16.16 %

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Price in Bitcoin: 0.0005186 BTC
Price in USD: 5.258604 USD
24 Hour Volume: 12158400.0 USD
Market Capacity: 41464039.0 USD
Available Supply: 7783327.0 SBD
Total Supply: 7783327.0 SBD
Price Change in 1 Hours: 2.19 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: -0.96 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -26.81 %

Price and Data Source: coinmarketcap.com & bittrex.com
Image Source: cryptocoinview.com

This Report will be updated Daily in this time.

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awsome post....thank for sharing...dear #mahdiyari...

Thank you for sharing.

Sbd still going down...well, thanks for the info...keep us updated

Thanks for information.

Thank You so much for giving us good info about steem and SBD

Thank you for your regular update!

Thanks for the updates as always, never stop sharing.

Thank you for daily news

thanks for this post...dear, it it's a valuable post

SDB is down. Thank u


Thanks for sharing

I hope will soon higher (SBD) thanks for informations and daily updating

Sigh, the correction was taking way too long. I hope it will be better soon.

Thank you so much for the info @mahdiyari...

Thank you

Thanks for the update.

I am waiting for the post which will show high rate of currency :)

Thanks for the information!

you are a good boy I love you

because you are giving a very valuable post

Thank you for sharing,,,

Since I've been here, I've never seen SBD < Steem. Can anybody explain this to a guppy? Thanks!

thank you

really interesting 100% voted and resteemed
good job man continue :-)

Sbd price rating now average 5 up . Ok ,thanks for informing about it.always keep us updated.Thank you.

thank you

very good

thanks dear

thanks dear brother @mahdiyari for informing about it.always keep us updated

Today I noticed that the ratio has changed to where if you buy steem you can trade it for more SBD even though SBD are more rare than STEEM. Any thoughts as to why this happens sometimes?

Listing Steem on Binacle shall boost the price when Bitcoin stops falling. I'm looking forward to it :))

I would like to change some SBD to STEEM, but the price is to high today...

Thanks for daily updating.