Productivity does no work

in steem •  10 months ago

This guy is halarious, sets a trap.

Says we should use the excruciating fear of failure by making ones self accountable beyond their control. He and his brother heald each other accountable with significant consequences for failure.

I experienced this recently when I went climbing outdoors for the first time in a while. I also climbed my first lead route and set up the top rope. It was awesome! Though also intense, as I know the consequences of falling. Even with harnesses and safety equipment. There is an inherent desire to have my hands locked onto the rock at all times. Because I can hold myself with one hold just long enough to recover. Despite consciously knowing I am attached to a rope and bolts.

We want to be extra redundant when setting and climbing. As one of my best friends would say: "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. In that order"

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