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Since the beginning of January, I no longer have all days to myself. Well. Depends on how you look at it. In this world, we are always trading something. I traded my time for financial stability and independence. I also traded my time to create and engage on Steem as much as I did before unfortunately. Despite that, I am still posting at least once a week, earning STEEM, curating, observing different projects to evolve and I am not going anywhere. If you looked at my track record, I’ve not been away from Steem almost at all the entire time I’ve been here. The decrease in my activity has nothing to do with the bear market.

In fact, I have been using this bear market to learn a lot more about crypto. I have been reading, watching, listening to everything blockchain, and it has changed the entire outlook of the world for me. The chain is the future! Since I am now spending quite a lot of time and energy working away, I’ve decided to invest a portion of my fiat into STEEM and also diversify.

I feel quite proud of myself for being able to figure out these things as they scared me for some time. I do what? Take my money and turn it into “magical internet money”? Going through the whole process of rigid steps. Most people would not understand and tell me I have my head in the clouds. People waste their money on unbelievable crap, yet somehow having crypto assets seems crazy to them. Play it safe and follow the path that’s been laid out for you. Or, take some risks and make your own path!

It will take some time before they understand. That is fine too. It will also take time for different blockchain implementations to take place, to replace the dinosaurs.

Anyhow, exciting times to live in! ^^

Song of the day: Axollo, MAJRO - Versailles

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Magical internet money is the best kind of money but if you can get magical beanstalk beans, invest in those too as that giant in the clouds has some great stuff.

I am happy that you have been (bean) learning a lot too and, it feels different to actually buy with fiat, doesn't it?


Aww ^^ Thank you for being one of my mentors and inspirations to dive deeper down this rabbit hole. It sure does feel a lot different, but then again I see fiat as a dinosaur too now, so it is not so hard to part ways with it hehe.

I think Lily got this covered! One of the first ones (oh the crappy coloring, progress since I hope)

We are kinda in a same situation. I am waiting for my first paycheck to buy steem. I am going to buy more than I can and eat a bit less next month but that is ok haha a bit of risk is always good :)

What was that book about blockchain tech you told me you read it last year?


Until now all I have was earned and powered up. It was kind of fun and exciting to go trough the whole process of fiat - crypto.

Just remember invest only as much as you are ready to lose.

It was Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott and I am still working trough it since I am a slow reader, dig trough all the mentions in the book and make notes for the review later.

I can also recommend this badass archive of all blockchain:


Me too :) Now it is the first time to have some fiat so I am investing. The problem is I am ready to lose everything because I believe in Steem that much haha but I won't, I still got some brainz :)

Have to start reading about blockchain tech because I am building a project where I will need to present blockchain tech and steem blockchain to people who probably never heard about it.

Thanks. I'll che k out this link!

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People waste their money on unbelievable crap, yet somehow having crypto assets seems crazy to them

Baffles me too...certainly a food for thought for any crypto skeptic I come across and engage

A little late with my comment here, but I am happy that you've decided to take the leap into investing and that you are so excited about consensus tech. Just remember to consider any money you dump into crypto as "gone forever." Of course, we both know that is bullshit and the stuff is going to the moon. But I always find it best to set my expectations in the opposite direction of my interests. That way if things work out the way I want them to, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Whose horses are those? I love the pictures, especially the first one. I have visited horses a few times, they are not so bad I guess once one gets over the smell. Very pretty animals.

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Hi @m31, I think for many people Steemit is just a place for communication, for others of investment and of course there are people who enjoy both. Looking at the graphs of how cryptocurrencies are moving Steem is definitely has potential and I believe much depends on us, people using this platform and if possible advertising it to others. I believe because I am using Steemit to show my Artworks and I am still working on my skills this is something that made me to go back to my hobby and I love it for that, it gave me a chance to create, although I am full time working but still trying to use my free time to keep on developing my skills. Recently I even asked one of my colleagues if she does not mind me to draw her portrait, now I feel myself confident, a year ago I would never had a courage to do so. I am happy about my development and if as a nice side-effect the price of Steem shouts up that would be also a great news :)

I want to ride my iron horse again!

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