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"I Got Downvoted!?! It's Not Fair! Can You Help Me???"

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If many people keep annoying him then he will just quit.

In the two years I've been here, I have not seen this happen.

My "tilt at windmills" reference has to do with fighting imaginary enemies. Bernie is just Bernie. There are many in the world like him. They aren't going to change (or if they are, very few of them). From one perspective, they are part of an evolutionary stable strategy:

Building better systems is the only way I know of to improve things. We have to keep working to improve the Steem blockchain to incentivize the actions we want and discouraged those we don't.

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He’s cute, isn’t he?

Keep relying on those Steemit devs, enjoy the status quo.

I think he’s jealous he didn’t get a mention in the article I was.

I'm honored enough by the recent mentions inside your personal blog!

Kisses babe!!