Can You Help Me Figure Out This SBD Spike?

in steem •  5 months ago

SBD has been hovering around the low $2 and below $2 mark lately.

Today is surprising

Look at the 24-hour graph below from CoinMarketCap. Now, I don't do TA so don't expect anything technical on this post. I'm just asking a question.

Flat line - spike - flat line.

Another fluke?

Blowing it up on the spike, there's really not much volume difference from the previous hours. The question is how did SBD suddenly spike to almost the $4 mark?

Crossing the $3 mark started around June 3 9:14 PM UTC-5. After the $3.96 spike today, SBD fell back down to $1.74.

What's up?

Can you help me with some tools to figure this out? It's like one of those TV series reviving a patient - heart monitor flat lines


The heart monitor spikes up and then


Thanks to @valued-customer we have an explanation.

So to factor in these "crazies", I think we'll have to rely on Steem.Supply. Thanks so much @dragosroua.

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I suspect recent posts by @dragosroua may contain the answer. There is an exchange which has very low volume, and it's wallet has been suspended, causing the price on SBD on that exchange to become extremely volatile.


You da best VC. Thanks bunches. I'm no TA but your reach in Steemit events are phenomenal :)

I am no techie either I am just waiting and hoping it goes up soon. Regards

Hahaa that is a good comparison with that patient from Tv series. For me, it looks like someone has made some big sum on that spike. Possibly multiplied on two his steem stack during that boom)


Hahaha When I saw that chart yes, the first thing in my mind is a patient in the hospital tv series.

Now if you look in SBD is $31. Shocking